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Gardening and the awesome mysteries of God’s creation

Which came first, the seed or the plant?  Where did either come from?  I do believe there is a Creator.  I believe that all these things growing on what we call Earth did not just come out of nowhere.

I have been dabbling in my first year as a gardener.  I have been enjoying the experience, though tiring.  Almost a month ago (hard to believe), my husband and I tore up an area for our garden on the side of our house in the backyard.   And I’ve been toying with the dirt mixture ever since.  I’ve mixed in manure and compost twice.  The first time my husband helped a great deal. 

I jumped the gun in excitement of having something planted in the garden that I put out some pea plants a few weekends ago. According to my research, and friends, peas are supposed to be hardy enough to survive through cold. Well, I didn’t read anything about wind.  My pea plants got blown over pretty bad the week I put it out.  I ended up cutting some of the stems down. I hope they’ll continue to grow.  Then I went ahead and planted more seeds, just in case.  I left some of the ones that were blown over.  I’m waiting to see what the results will be. 

In my lack of patience and the seemingly hot weather trend, last weekend I planted some of my watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, tomatoes and green bell pepper plants to test.  I put a few tomatoes in the garden bed and some in pots on the back patio.  But I also kept some inside, just in case.  And the weather turns!  UGh!  It’s now supposed to reach down lows of 36 this weekend.  No!  Not good for the sensitive plants I just put outside.  Now I’m trying to figure out (and praying) how to protect them through the weekend so that they don’t die.  I’ve been concocting ideas in my head all week.  Let’s see if the plan works.

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