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My slight involvement in a close to home "blind side" story

I received an email today as part of a homeschooling group, from a lady who has had a hand in the beginnings (I hope it can continue) in the life of formerly a foster child, now 18 year old, still a boy really, who has been let go into the streets by himself because he has reached the age of independence.  I replied to the email with questions as to how I can help. The original email requested if anyone had a spare bed they would be willing to sell cheaply to this lone teen, also sharing how he had nothing but the clothes on his back.  The family is renting a room for him as he searches diligently for a job.  This almost immediately reminded of the recent movie “The Blind Side”.  While I didn’t have a bed readily available, I quickly remembered I had some extra blankets.  I also do this coupon thing and have a stock of items that I store up for charity, as well as our family’s needs.  I donate things I stock up on almost regularly but I was exceptionally excited to have a helping hand in providing some needed essentials to this young man, whom the lady requesting help has expressed his gratitude for help.  I quickly started rummaging through my cupboards and closest for items such as toiletries and non perishable foods that could be easily handled, such as peanut butter and cereal.  I met up with the gal and gave her the stuff for the young man this afternoon.  I am humbled by the experience.  I pray that our Mighty God that He would show grace and mercy upon his situation.  How joyous it is to give as we have been taught to do by our loving Lord.  I want to be used by God in a great many ways that it burdens my heart.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough, only because there is so much to be done, so much hurt in the world, so much need, so much emptiness, that I want to show the charity but only because Christ is at the center of it all.  God gives me the desires to serve, and I pray I serve in His strength.  I pray that it brings lives to His saving grace.  Amen.

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