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Raising children, and the rewards of training them in the ways of the Lord…

Tonight (Saturday, May 22nd), as I watched the kids during our home group bible study, I videotaped the girls putting on a puppet show.  This consisted of them just puppeteering their stuffed animals.   And so my 5.5- (she would want you to know that half-year) almost 6-year-old daughter presents her 2 stuffed animal dogs, handcuffed together with real-like toy handcuffs (metal and all), saying that they are married as husband and wife.  I asked her why they were handcuffed.  She replied that they are handcuffed together so that they will not commit adultery.  This was so cute, a bit funny as I had a laugh about it, yet so humbly joyous that our devotional times in God’s word is sinking in even at a young age.  Granted her understanding of  “adultery” is limited, she acknowledges that when a man and woman marry, they are not to love another man or woman the same way they love each other and also promise not to leave each other.  What a praise and joy to know that God’s word is being written on the heart of your children.  We thank the Lord for that.  It only proves that quality time spent in the Word, discussing, talking, praying together is for the greater good.  Sure, it’s getting late, we’re all tired from the long day, and it would be easier to just shove them off to bed with a kiss and a hug but diligence pays off.  Just as it should, as God has said.

When it comes to discipline and punishment, sure, it’s (initially) easier to just pass them along and dismiss them in exasperation because after all, you’ve toiled all day (maybe) and godly discipline is probably the last thing you want to deal with.  Rather, I have found great rewards in diligence to address and use each situation as a teaching moment in the lives of my children, and for myself  (I’m not espousing I’m a perfect parent here).  In day-to-day situations, I try to remember how I can turn any situation, conversation or question into a teaching moment and it almost always makes for great time with my children.  In my opinion, children are not too young to start learning discipline, whether in behavior or work.  My youngest daughter, now 3, almost 4, has been helping me with laundry and other various chores since she was 1-ish.  Simple things like putting away toys.  Reinforcing responsibility beginning with the little things and building on them year by year is such a rewarding way to teach diligence, work ethic, responsibility and the principles of it all.  I am also a strong believer that it is never too late to begin.  Sure, it will be a challenge to change old (even bad) habits.  But it has to be the will and desire of parents to instill these kinds of principles in training children to become responsible and respectable adults.

I love the joys, challenges, and opportunities that parenting provides.  I had always dreamed of a large family.  God has blessed me with 3.  Although I struggle with the desire of having more, I must acknowledge the good and perfect gifts that He has already given.  I must have faith that He will give according to His good will and pleasure.  I yearn to learn and live with contentment in this area of my life.  Though I dearly love the children I already have,  I just desire for more to love.   May He grant me peace with His will.

Final note:  The Lord gives wisdom and strength for parenting.  He gave us our children and He is faithful to provide for their upbringing when we are faithful to obey also.

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