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Our recent trip to Idaho City

Having lived in Idaho for a little over 2 years now, we have yet to see much outside Nampa & Boise.  It’s on the list of things to do.  So, spur of the moment Monday, we decided to take a trek up to Idaho City.  Once passing the city limits of Boise, the drive up was very enjoyable, pretty with lush greenery and the river and streams added to its beauty.  As much as I could enjoy the ride, I still was recovering from a sinus infection/cold so the plugging and pressure on my ears & sinus headache.  That, I could not escape.

After checking out 2 other restaurants in the maybe 1 mile town strip, we ended up eating at a little quaint store/eatery, strangely the cleanest feeling, brightest (lighting wise), and cheapest (but good food) place we looked at.  And maybe it was just me but I felt like everyone looked at us a little weird, as if Asians don’t frequent there (not a surprise).  It was a hot day (but could have been worse) and we took the walk around the streets to find much of everything was closed and/or for sale.  My business minded side tends to look at situations like this and begins to imagine ways in which to revive such a cool place.  I have learned that many times, in places like these, though the town is dying and businesses are rare, the people don’t want it to grow much more than it originally was.  I’m not sure nor saying that this is the same case.  But how I’d love to revive a place like that into an even greater place to visit.  Idaho City is practically a ghost town but a quaint and cool historic experience.

Well, as we wandered, of course I took some pictures.  In an effort to ‘revive’ our own visit, here are clips from our day.

juvenile delinquent! we ended up taking him home with us.

busted!  we paid his bail.

isn’t she the cutest little criminal?

sweet jail-bird

Our girls love to put on a show.  I’m working on posting it.  No success yet.  Stay tuned…

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