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Easy Sushi

If you never had sushi before, and/or you’re a bit squeamish about raw fish but would like to ease into the life of sushi-eating; you can start with fish sticks!  Yes, fish sticks!

Many times I stock pile our groceries with coupon-shopping or really great deals, many times I try to make meals with what’s on hand.   We are sushi lovers, my children included, but are not ‘rolling’ (ha!) in the dough.

I made rolls recently with what I had on hand, crab meat (which is really processed like hotdogs, a mix of different (cheap) fish blended together) and toasted fish sticks.  Yes, fish sticks, like the ones in your grocer’s freezer section.

Prepare the sushi rice per recipe.  I just cook the rice in a rice maker (easy!).  I rinse my rice a few times to clean it out better before I cook it though.  After it cooks, it needs to cool at room temp but you also need to flip, separate, fold, to let out the steam.  This takes a little while.  There’s also the issue of the seasoning for the rice, which includes rice vinegar, sugar and salt.  I usually do this when the rice is hot, then the granules melt as I’m stirring the rice.  It’s kind of an easy (maybe more like lazy) way that I improvise with.  With all the ingredients prepared, I roll the sushi as usual.  I make a teriyaki sauce to go with the fish stick sushi.  Another limited-cooking meal.

While rice cools, thinly slice avocado; shred carrots.  Spread rice on paper, covering whole square.  Place fish sticks in a long line across the middle.  Add the veggies on top of fish sticks, all the way across.  Drizzle teriyaki sauce across the ‘filling’.  Roll like a log and enjoy!  Mmmm…

I don’t have a picture because I didn’t really think about it when I was making it, but the next time I do, I may update this post with a picture.   Until then, happy sushi ventures!  Let me know if you’ve tried it, and how it turned out.

To the glory of God!

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