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A broken arm? Say it ain’t so!

Well, yes.  It is so.  My daughter, newly 7 years old decided this was the year to break her arm.  The first one in our family to do such a thing.   What an overachiever!  There goes the summer.

Poor child, she swung and jumped off our backyard swing and landed wrong on her arm.  I was gardening when she did so and thought it was just another one of her many falls in which she would rebound after a short cry break.  So naturally, I sent her in with an ice pack to rest a minute.  I should have realized that she hadn’t scream -cried like that, ever.  After sending her in previously, I called to  check on her and she was still scream-crying in agony.  She described how she couldn’t move her fingers.  When I checked her elbow, it was a bit swollen.  So I iced it and wrapped it, and off we went to urgent care.

How terribly awful I felt after going to urgent care and the diagnosis: broken arm, a really bad break at that with surgery in the highly likely.  I was in disbelief, and felt like a horrible mom.  I’m not one to over-dramatize every time the kids get hurt.  I give them some lovin’; a rub on the owie, kiss, ice or whatever.  Few minutes they’re back to playing.  Other times just tell them they’re okay, ‘shake it off’ and they’d be on their way.

So, she had surgery Wednesday, July 27th.  She picked a purple cast.  It was a sad sight to see her on that hospital bed being prepped for surgery.  Then seeing her post surgery, still asleep waiting for her to come out of anesthesia?? Forget about it.  I lost it.

My sweet KB, when you’re old enough to read this:  I’m so sorry for not giving you the attention you needed sooner than I did.  I love you dear girl.  You are such a sweetheart with so much love to share that brings us great joy.

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