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My, what great swimmers you have!

My girls, recently 7 & 5, took a lap-swim test today and did so well!  They made it all the way to the end and back.  I knew KB could do it, but LG I wasn’t so sure.  She surprised me, yet not too much.

KB’s been swimming since she was 4.  As soon as we moved to Idaho, we became members at the local recreational center.  We’ve made use of the pool the most.  So, my girls have learned to swim well over the last few years.  My son loves swimming too, but he’s been swimming longer than them since he’s 10 years older.

LG’s been swimming since she was 3.  The first 2 times she went into the baby pool even before she turned 2, she about drowned because she wasn’t used to the bobbing of the water; with the movement of the water, plopped face first into the water from a standing position and couldn’t get back on her feet.  There she was, body wildly flaring around for life as I had to jump in to pull her up.  Panicked and crying scared as she came out of the water, I held her and comforted her; then put her back into the water.  One of the greatest natural reflexes when learning to swim at a young age like that is that you seem to automatically hold your breath when you go under, so she didn’t swallow any water that time.  It was scary for me too, but it didn’t deter us (maybe more me).  After these 2 incidents, she quickly learned and has been a water bug ever since.   It’s been a joy and a tickle to see her learn to swim, and then actually swimming, as she’s so little and petite.  Over the last few years, people who see her swim have always asked how old she is because of her size, it was amazing to see such a little body handle the water as well as she did, and does.   One of the lifeguards commented on how amazing a swimmer she is and how she’s never seen a 5-year-old finish that lap.  I was a proud mommy today.  Just another proud day among many.  I love being a mommy.

KB has grown so well in swimming.  She too has been amazing.  We have often gotten the same responses about her swimming as LG.  She hadn’t been swimming the last month since she broke her arm but had her cast removed last week. So we’re right back into the swing of swimming at the rec center.  And she hasn’t skipped a beat.  She’s swimming well still, even with the arm not fully mobile.  It’s still in the angled position it’s been in while in the cast.  She swam in the diving pool for the first time today and  i think she enjoyed feeling like she was old & good enough to swim in the ‘big kid’ pool.  She jumped off the diving board and swung off the rope.  Another milestone reached.  Another day of achievements.  What a day!

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