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Pray Like a Champ

My girls.  Maybe it’s sibling rivalry.  Maybe it’s notoriety.  Maybe it’s just plain godly desire.  Maybe a little of all the above.

My kids love to pray.  My son C, now he’s a prayer warrior.  If you are going to pray with him, make sure you are not in a hurry  b/c he covers all the bases.  He’s got God’s attributes addressed, morning, day and night needs, church, family, friends…  He jam packs his prayers.  He is good.

Now K, my eldest daughter, who is now 7, is one of those high achieving do-gooders.  She’s smart, loves to please people, loves to compete and excel at whatever it is that strikes her fancy.  She’s very outgoing and brave.  She wants to tackle the world but she’s got a tender heart that enjoys serving others.  She’s a intelligent, literalist thinker.  She’s also our clumsiest and messiest.  Is it true that the most intelligent are the most unorganized and messy people?  She would fit into that category.  Although, I am working on her organizational character.

Well, since last year, my girls have been doing this thing where they try to up one another in love…er…asking to pray at meals or sit near mom at meals.  Usually L (the youngest) sits next to me and has everyday since a baby, naturally b/c she’s always been the youngest and it was just practical for me to aid in feeding her, etc.  So I’m not sure how the whole “mom, can I sit next to you at dinner” came about.

K really has a sweet heart and desires to please.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  She has a tender spirit and loves all things godly.  She has enjoyed praying before L knew how.  Ever since L realized what praying is, she has given her sister a run for her money.  Pardon the cheap expression.  I think L wants to just b/c she can and to beat her bigger sister.  She tends to fight for attention.  Now they make requests to pray and sit next to me for the next day and sometimes consecutive days thereafter.  Sometimes it’s comical.  Other times I want to scream.  The idea that they are trying to outdo each other in this manner might drive me to cry “pharisee”! but I don’t want to crush their spirits either if they are truly desiring to pray.  A blessing, or a curse?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I hope they don’t lose this zeal to pray when they grow older.

I don’t take this lightly, yet only as serious as I can make it at this age.  My many attempts to teach them about the importance and place prayer has in the life of a believer shall hopefully prove a valuable lesson learned one day- soon.  But only the Spirit of the Lord can illuminate that truth in their hearts.  I pray it be.

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