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Oh Family Traditions!

TRADITIONS!!  Every family should have traditions.  If yours doesn’t, start one.  Growing up in a broken home, we didn’t have many traditions.  I don’t know if I can call anything we did “tradition” per se.  We did things but not as I think in terms of tradition.  We didn’t really celebrate Christmas.  So as a child, even for Christmas, I was the main one who desired to celebrate it.  We had one of those little 3 foot trees that sat on the end table in the living room.  I decorated it.  Growing up, I had always coveted (forgive me Lord) other families and how they celebrated life together.  I loved to watch family movies.  I desired that tv family.  Now as I grow with my own family, naturally, I seek that which I desired but did not know.

For the past 3 years, we started a family tradition on Friday nights.  The kids love it.  Well, at least I think they do.  They look forward to it every weekend.  One of the last resort punishments is not being able to camp out on Friday night.  They hate to miss out.  I’d hate to administer such a penalty, but it has happened before.  Thankfully, it’s rare.  And even more, I am thankful that our children treasure the opportunity to spend family time together.

We end the week with family night; a night with games, and/or a movie, and staying up as late as midnight to 1am.  As a family, we “camp out” in the living room, just on the floor.  The kids may use their sleeping bags, their blankets from their bed or any of the extra blankets we’ve got scattered throughout the house.   Anything goes.  I like throw blankets so I have quite a little collection in baskets in various rooms of our house.  I think I enjoy camping out in our living room the most in winter when the fireplace glowing.  The living room becomes real cozy as we cuddle by the fire.  Oh, and especially during Christmas with lights wrapped around the mantle.  Ooo, how I love it!

Recently, we added sushi (my husband’s idea)  to the menu as a special meal on Friday nights.  After trying that for a few weeks, I decided that it may be too much to have sushi every week so we try to do it every other week, granted we don’t have other plans to eat out of go to a friend’s house.

In the summer, we camp out in the backyard… in tents of course!!  Easy access to our comfy home that has running water and a flushable toilet.  Slim to no chance of wild animal encounters.  We like this kind of camping.  One day we will muster up the courage to go ‘real’ camping in the woods.  But for now, we are content with our backyard.

I started gardening when we moved into this house 3 years ago.  So that too is now a summer tradition.  Can you call gardening tradition?  Well, I will.  My kids enjoy seeing edible things growing on our little corner of the world.  I love watching them learn and get excited about God’s creation and giving thanks for it all.

In the Fall, we visit the corn maze.  It’s an Idaho thing.  I’ve never heard of the concept till we moved here, but boy, it’s so cool!  We enjoy it so much.  Then there’s pumpkin picking.  Last year we had a good crop of pumpkins so we were able to carve from our own patch.  Looove it!

These are the extra things we do as a family.  Church is our norm.  Our kids love to go to church.  And it’s just not like a normal Sunday if we don’t.  Dare I say it’s a tradition to go to church?  God is at the center of it all anyway.  That goes without saying.

I hope these traditions will last as treasured childhood memories for our children and that when we reminisce about these times, we can think back and be reminded of the love and joy we shared.  I shall be thankful.  Thanks be to God, the giver of all good things.

What are some of our traditions?

  1. Andie M
    March 30, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    We have traditions…I came from a family that were JW’s so we never celebrated holidays. Like you I always wanted that picture perfect holiday experience. Our traditions haven’t included anything super late at night because my youngest just can’t make it late without being cranky YET….but I am guessing that will come some day!

    We always have a barbeque on 4th of July…invite all our friends, and then take dessert as we go watch the fireworks.

    We always have an Easter egg hunt with friends and family for Easter, with a yummy Easter dinner. And the girls get new dresses….sometimes tho not BRAND new.

    We always open one present when we get home from church Christmas eve. And the rest the next morning.

    We also do the corn maze…except this last year as I was pretty sick and it was super sad :(.

    We always have a New Years Eve Party with friends and play board games.

    For birthdays the birthday child gets to choose their own breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    We have lots more traditions but my hand is tired!! 🙂

    • March 30, 2012 at 4:46 pm

      Those are all awesome Andie! Thanks for sharing! There are more traditions that we do too but it was really late when I blogged this so not everything was fresh in mind.

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