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5 Reasons Why I Still Hand Wash My Dishes

5. I’m old school.  I grew up washing dishes by hand.  What can I say, I’m a traditionalist.  Sometimes.

4. I do a better job.  Every time I use my dishwasher, multiple things come out with caked on something and I end up having to wash it again, only this time, it’s harder b/c it went through the heat process.  Sure, I could pre-scrub.  My brother once told me, if you’re going to scrub them anyway, might as well put soap on it and rinse it and be done with it.

3. I just like that everything is getting scrubbed.

2. Conserves water.  It’s kind of like taking a bath.  I read that it takes more water to take a shower than a bath.  I didn’t used to believe it until I had kids and starting giving baths to them.  Of course it depends how long of a shower you take and how high you fill the tub.

1. I’m weird.  It’s one of my many traits.  I many times like to go against the grain.  This is just one of those things I do differently.

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