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Planting from Seeds

After the first year I started gardening, which was 3 summers ago now, I said I would never start seedlings indoors again.  Well, my gardener’s fingers could not resist, again.  I’m so weak!!

So, I started seeds indoors.  I just planted tomatoes, bell peppers, one cup of spicy peppers, and basil.  The first time, I used old soil from last year and apparently it was ‘dirty’ or infested.  The gnats came quickly.  I also planted cilantro that didn’t survive.  So, fed up with the gnat infestation, I set out and bought new soil.  It did well for the first few weeks.  But the gnats are back!!  What the ….!!!  I’m not about to try and baked all that soil and replant.  I’m just not that determined.  I’ve read and read on how to rid these blasted gnaggets and I’ve failed each year.  I succeeded with repotting my houseplants with new soil for the same problem and it worked for all 15 or so plants in my house.  I think it’s because seedlings have to be kept moist all the time.  But I didn’t have gnat problems my first year of seeding indoors?!  I don’t know what the deal is.  Anyway, sorry for that tangent.  Not the point, but part of the story nonetheless.

The other thing is, it’s taking a pretty long time for these buggers to grow in the brown supposedly good-for-plant-and-environment starter pots (right pic).  Well, it ain’t working so well for me.  You know what’s working better?  The environmentally unfriendly, clear, plastic cup (left pic).  The other plastic cup has spicy pepper blend that is not growing as well (to the left of the left pic, with little growth).  Go figure.

I had these starts under the lamp from day one.  I even started the one in the plastic cup after planting in the brown cells and it sprouted and is growing much better.   The tomato starts in the plastic cup has been on my window sill from day one.  I’m not sure how much of a difference that makes.  I tried to grow herbs in hanging pots in my kitchen window last year and they never survived.  I’m never sure what’s going on.  I’ve read and read and I can’t quite fully figure out all my problems, and I’ve always got some.  I figure it’s all part of this cursed land so I move on.

I moved half the starts to the window last week after seeing the plastic cup seeds grow so well.  They are growing a little better in the brown cells but not so impressively.  I planted these seeds almost 2 months ago.  They should be way bigger, right??

Well, every year I search and search, trying to think up new gardening ideas.  So many great ideas but I have a hard time spending lots of money on stuff/supplies that will not survive the year.  Call me cheap.  I prefer frugal, practical, economical, or sensical.  I’ll let you choose.  This year I’m going to try vertical gardening!!  Hopefully I’ll make it back with good things to report.  Happy gardening!!

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