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Grumble, Grumble

If we complain and grumble about hard work, we teach our kids to do the same. (Phil 2:14). Work unto the Lord (Col 3:23).
I understand sometimes life can become overwhelming.  It’s okay.  Take a deep breath.  That’s when we need to seek God’s peace.  Marriage, parenting, household responsibilities, work, school, sickness, etc. It can all add up, I know.  Fret not, it’s not the end.  Life is part of the journey.  We can either fulfill it with joy or grumble and complain miserably till our death.  The latter ain’t no way to live, in my humble opinion.  But those whose hope is in Christ have a great reward to look towards, a future hope of heaven.

I don’t know about you but when I accomplish a task at hand or something I had planned to do or maybe didn’t plan at all, it’s always a satisfying feeling. God made us to be workers. And we are to work with our whole being; heart, mind and soul. Yes, I know that about loving God too. But those other verses tell us to work “cheerfully” and without grumbling. That takes heart. Obviously, working takes physical strength too. And the heart involves the “spirit” that God gives us.

It comes down to attitude, perspective and thankfulness.  It’s hard to do anything cheerfully when our heart is wrong.  But what a great God who gives in abundance when we seek and ask, according to His good purposes.  See Him in all things.

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