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The Precious Love of My Daughters

Today was a full day.  We started off the day with one of my kids favorite food, breakfast burritos.  They love eggs.  They love meaty meals, period.  Went to the rec center for a couple of hours of swimming.  Then an unplanned rest of the day shopping.  First, we went to Costco for some food.  Strolled through the store and ate samples.  They have the best samples.  Then off to a newer store in our area, Gordmans.  Nice store.  Then marathon shop to World Market, Petco, Old Navy, Target, and Bed Bath Beyond (I love the gadgets in this place!).  For about 5 hours, my kids were shopping machines.  They didn’t complain (much).  They are such shopping machines.  They about ask me almost every day if we can or are going shopping and are disappointed when we don’t.

I know I’m not the perfect parent and they are surely a blessing I do not deserve.  God has been so gracious to me and I’m glad my mom didn’t have a say in it.  She often cried curses at me when I was younger, saying that she hoped my kids were worse than I was to her.  I admit I was a headache of a child.  I was the youngest.  But God spared me.  Hallelujah!

Anyway, my youngest, who is currently 5, soon to be 6 in July, says to me as we’re walking to one of our target stores (no pun intended), she says to me in her baby-like voice (so cute too), “I wanna stay with you mommy.”  I never want to leave you.  I want to stay with you forever.”  Some moments are just better than others.  I definitely hope to remember them all.  But with my memory sometimes, it’ll be challenging for sure, which is why I write (or type).  I love my baby girl.

My 7-year-old daughter is soon to be 8 in June. She has such a sweet heart, and has a big one too, but takes the world too serious sometimes, for her age. And has thoughts way beyond her years. So as we sat folding out laundry, she begins to get teary eyed. Nothing in particular was happening. She was having some back and forth with her sister that I told her to chill out about. She has a pretty high guilt-conscience (if that makes sense). So she is quick to apologize for her mishaps. So, anyway, I asked her what was wrong. She hesitated. I asked her again and assured her to trust me, that she could tell me anything. She curdled out that it’s hard to explain. I asked her what it was about. So she says, “I can’t imagine being without you.” Oh man. Melted my heart but cause me to chuckle a little. I urged her to trust God and that she shouldn’t worry about this now.  She agreed.  Now I don’t know if this is the beginning of what’s to come. She has always been a little more mentally and emotionally mature than average. Sometimes it concerns me, but I appreciate her so much.

I love you sweet girl. I hope our time on earth isn’t cut too short. I hope to see you grow into a beautiful woman. I hope you marry the man of your dreams, who will love and honor you, and see you love your children how I have loved you. I’ve made many mistakes. I pray God covers you with grace in spite of my own mishaps. You are so special. And God made you that way for his own glory.

This is another great day to remember in the books.

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