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Love, Like, or Hate

I love God.  I love my husband.  I love my kids.  That’s the order it should be.  But if I were completely honest, I’d say I fail at keeping it in that order.  God help me with much grace.

I love gardening, taking care of my home, my kids, friends…not in that particular order.  I love sushi, mangoes, extra sweet pineapple.  Or should I say I “really” like those things.  Well, I think I may love sushi though.  The list of things I like could go on and on.  But I sometimes feel like the use of the word “love” has become seemingly just a common word we throw around carelessly anymore and maybe not everything expressed with the use of the word has as much meaning as it should.  When we say we love God and then say we love, say, the color red, is it comparable?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m being too sensitive about the whole thing.

One of the things I have taught my children is the use of the word “hate”.  I think that it’s such a strong word with such a strong connotation of angst that I warn my kids against carelessly throwing that word around.  It may almost be like a voodoo word around here.  One thing we should hate for sure is evil, and the Evil one.  They know that.  But if they don’t like something, I’d rather they just say “I don’t like that” rather than saying “I hate it.”  Is it really something to be against or is it something not preferred.  Hate to me is like strongly stating that you are passionately and proactively against it.  I think it’s a different thing not to desire or prefer something than to actually hate it.  It could be used in a basic sense like, “I hate hornets.”  I rarely use that word but when I do, it comes with much angst.  I have hated in sinful context, the sinner that I am (needing the grace of God). I just think using hate so carelessly and often can create a state of heart that can suck the joy out of our spirit.

So, I just challenge you to think next time you use the words “love” and “hate” and test whether it’s properly used or careless.

God is Love.

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