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Dental Visit

This is not going to be an interesting post, but mainly for my own account.

I went to the dentist today.  I knew I would get a lot of bad news.  I just have terrible teeth.  I’m no doctor or dentist but I’m pretty sure heredity has a lot to do with it.  We’re Asian and my parents were born and raised in a poor country.  It sort of comes with the territory.  My whole family has had teeth issues.  I floss after eating and brush my teeth at least twice a day, sometimes more.

So anyway, I knew I would have to get a lot of work done.  For the count; I will need to get 2 teeth pulled and replaced for a hefty price; 4 cavities filled; a new crown to replace an older one that was terribly done, and a more thorough gum cleaning that will require Novocaine.   Can you imagine the bill?  It’s not pretty.  As of the new cleaning I had done today, my gums are sensitive and still sore but it felt so good to get work done knowing that it’s on the road to better oral hygiene.  At least my teeth feel cleaner today.

I have to get teeth pulled because the shoddy dentist that did my fillings and last crown did such a shoddy job. The filling fell out so I’ve had this hole in my teeth for about a year or more now and cavities have grown in it.  That latter part is my fault for not getting it tended too sooner but I have a great tendency towards cavities.  Bad genes.

Anyway, appointment next week to begin this road to better oral hygiene…and paying off dental bills.

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