The Love of Love

I had this thought.  Intriguing thought, I think.  It’s quite interesting to me to think about how our heart and mind knows, just knows to decipher the different loves there are; i.e. the love of God, father, mother, spouse, children, best friend, friend, neighbor, stranger…  All these are different loves and our affection is distinguished accordingly.  How special is the love between each relationship; each its own category; each its own identity.

Thinking about the love between family.  Families are (usually) so close that they are comfortable enough (more so) speak their true thoughts and feelings, maybe have an argument or fight over these things, but then always know that you’re still family and that doesn’t change because you disagree or have differences.

The relationship between husband and wife is complex, as most married couples will attest to.  It can be a struggle to love the one you sometimes fight to hate.  It can be a roller coaster or feelings.  But you know that  it’s for better or worse, thick or thin, sick and poor, something you continue to fight for, or hold on to, till death do you part because you made a vow before God (for the Christian at least it should be).

The love a parent has (or should have) for their children is incomparable.  And we don’t love any other children the same way as the ones we’ve birthed.  There’s an inseparable and sometimes incomprehensible love that is born out of the heart for your child.

I often wonder about the relationship between friends, how best friends become best friends and not others.  True best friends are much like family.  Those are rare treasures for sure.  I’ve been fortunate to have had some of these true friendships in my lifetime.

Even for a stranger, we generally care for the good of our ‘neighbor’.  Even though we may not see it as love, God has given us a ‘good will toward men,’ which in kindness, I consider a form of love.

Above all this, God loves Christ as himself, and his children more than we can fathom.  He loves us more than we love our husbands, our children, our family.  God is simple yet complex.  Who can understand the mind of God?  Who can withstand his greatness?  I am in awe.

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