Hair, Cut

I cut my hair today.  I cut my own hair.  I just can’t get myself to spend the money.  I’m so cheap that way.  I figure if I could do it myself, it doesn’t cost me money to make mistakes and I get my hair close to the way I want it, then I’m gonna go for it.  Once in a while, like every other year or something, I go into one of those chain salons.  That’s my idea of pampering.  Nothing exciting, but always feels good to be a ‘hair’ lighter.  HA!  I’m going to post a picture but it’s on my camera and I’m uploading a huge load of pictures elsewhere on my laptop right now.  I’m sure you cared to know that but there it is.  I’m going to cut my hair twice a year- on New Year’s and summer.  This is just for my record.

Here’s the pic.  I cut off about 3 inches!!

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