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Parenting Tidbit #1, Obeying

This is sarcastic, of course.  But there is almost always some truth to all sarcasm.  Finding that fine line can be tricky at times, eh?

My point in that slogan is this:  a parent may kindly and loving ask a child to do something with gentleness by “asking” but it doesn’t mean it’s an option for the child to say no.  It’s just out of courtesy that a parent might use the question format.  The child is generally expected to say “yes” or just do it unless it’s a ridiculous request in which the child should be able to respectfully respond in question.  I don’t ask my children to do something they cannot do or that would be dangerous or utterly gross and put them in a predicament where they would hate me for it.  Although, at this point, my kids have never shown such contempt or hate when instructed to do something.  They may question or reason but not in hate.  Hate is such a strong word and emotion that for a few years now I have cautioned my kids consistently about using that word callously.

Anyway, if I “ask” my children if they can get me some water, I’m asking out of gentleness.  I could very well demand but where’s the grace in that?  Either way, I know they’ll respond.  The latter may incite unnecessary fear or insecurity that just needn’t be.  Here’s to gracious parenting and joy in obedience!

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