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Lessons in Husbandry, Noted#1

Honor marriage among all.  Do not defile the marriage bed.  Purity is a virtue God commands.  The world and all its lustful desires creeps in subtly.  It can be in movies, magazines, any kind of print media, commercials.  You name it.  We become oblivious to it all because it’s very much a part of our every day exposure.  It’s sad really.

Calling all men, but especially godly men!  You are responsible for cultivating a secure love in your marriage.  Your pursuit of your wife doesn’t end after the wedding rings are exchanged or the when the ‘honeymoon’ period is over.  Your wedding day was a promise of a life long pursuit of her happiness via your leadership.  Don’t let your guard down when it comes to external temptations.  If your marriage is boring or lifeless, maybe you aren’t appreciating the gift of marriage as you should.  It’s hard, I know.  But not impossible.  Could i throw in that ever-so-cliche bible phrase here:  “with God all things are possible”.  All things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23)

It’s quite sad that the staggering divorce rates among so-called Christians is no better than the unbeliever.  How are we setting the standard?  How are we setting ourselves apart, Christian?  Men, loves your wives as you ought.  Fight for your gift to love her.  Cherish her as you would your daughter, and then some.   I know it’s hard for me too often to find more comfort in my children than my husband and I see the love and compassionate affection my husband has for our girls.  It’s one of the most precious sights a wife could ever witness.  When I see the endearing joy and love my husband expresses just through his eyes when he looks at them sometimes, it gives me a sense of peaceful joy.

Ahem…Side tracked a little.  Back to loving your wife.  Men, observe your wife often.  Listen wholeheartedly and make mental notes.  You may actually learn about her.  Use that knowledge to romance her.  You may be amazed at how she might respond!  Be the man of her dreams, the man she needs.  This all takes intentional practice.  If you are complacent, then so will your marriage.  Don’t let your passion die like that.  Fight your temptations to do…, you fill in all the blanks.  God’s glory is at stake.  And so is your happiness.  Ready?  Go!


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