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Parenting Tidbit #2

Children obey your parents, for this is right in the Lord, that it may go well for you and you may live long in the land and prosper.  This is your first commandment with a promise.


I think one of the many things we should teach our kids is that there is an order of submission, and parents are not immune to it either.  But for children, God has given them parents to love and care for and train them in life and for life.  Submission doesn’t stop in adulthood but it starts as an understanding in childhood.  A child who learns, whether by neglect, modeled example or commission, that it’s okay to disobey might find it more difficult to accept authority in the real world of life.  Everyone has some kind of authority over them, even if they do own their own business.  There’s always a higher authority.  Your freedom is only as far as your civilization.  We have laws.  We are not totally “free”, in some sense of the word.  I know the word itself, [obey], can ring a distaste in some.  It has been given a bad course through abuse and some may consider it a taboo word.  But it is not all bad.  It is what we make of it, mainly by our experiences with it.  This goes for just about anything.  We must not neglect the good that is to be taught about obeying.  Children ought to lovingly be taught that it is right to listen and obey.  This is not, however, a license to abuse children.  That is not what I’m promoting.  Godly parenting will consider much grace, compassion, love and forgiveness with a balance of discipline and justice.  We all must learn this.  Hopefully we seek God’s wisdom and learn to teach the ways of the Lord to our children so that they may grow up and carry this on to future generations.  Leading our children in truth is not for wimps.  Anyone can birth babies (well, almost).  But it takes great courage to parent with a balance of it all.  I am not immune to imperfection but I strive to perfect my parenting (not that I will ever attain it).  I am called to pursue excellence, diligence, stewardship, humility, grace, love, among many others.  Parenting requires them all, and then some.  And I embrace it gratefully.

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