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Visual Help on Modesty

These are just some visuals of what I think modest apparel might look like.  No boob show.  No crack peeks/peaks (both intended).  Safe lengths for a bending-over moment (although you shouldn’t bend over, you should bend your knees).  Never mind some of the poses.  That I am not referring.  Those, not so modest.  In modesty, attitude matters too.





And here are some examples of what I think are immodest.  Sure, this stuff is cute and appealing to the eyes, but the latter is part of the problem.  If it looks like undergarments or see-through, I think it pretty much is disqualified under “modest”.  Being modest doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cute and good-looking outfits.  I think the examples above prove that.



This is Katie Perry, who says she’s a Christian and flaunts everything about herself, including immodesty.


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