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Myth: The Size of Your Plate Matters

There’s this idea out there, psychological of course, that if you use a smaller plate or bowl (or whatever you use to put food on to eat), you will eat less.  I think that you are just delaying the inevitable- seconds, and maybe sometimes even thirds.  Seriously?  Seriously.  We love to eat.  This is a universal thing.  But Americans are many times the worst at discipline, will power or whatever you will to call it, when it comes to eating.  We are just spoiled all around, especially with food choices.  I think “poor countries” don’t have this problem because they are more careful and thankful for their food because 1) there isn’t as much and 2) they have to work harder for it, which creates more value and gratefulness in what you can get.

Disclaimer:  This is my experiential opinion, of course.  I didn’t conduct some fancy survey and calculate statistics from a large pool of people.

So, eat well but eat with a conscience.  Don’t waste.  There really are people starving around the world.  Eat responsibly.  Eat healthy.  Eat with joy.  Enjoy it with gratitude.  I am speaking to myself too.  Pretty deep, eh?


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