Second Hands

So, for my girls’ birthday this year I let them have a (semi) shopping spree at one of our local “second-hand/thrift store”.   I say ‘semi’ because 1) I had to approve and 2) it had to be within a certain “frugal” price range of which I will keep a mystery.  I love the fact that my kids don’t care that it’s been “passed down” or previously used and they know this.  I have told them so.  They will never (at least until they’re older teenage or adults) know the overrated name brands of clothing. I think it’s sad and somewhat pathetic when kids and their parents complain that they won’t wear anything but certain brands.  I am thankful that I was never that child or teen.  Marketing has done its job, and well.  Sure, there are brands that are great quality but I won’t live and die by them like some people.  For too many, it’s part of their identity.

We shopped before their actual birthdays.  They both got an armful of stuff.  I had them hold some of it to feel the weight of what they were getting.  I was tickled when one of my youngest daughter’s pick was this shirt…

and she really wanted to wear it on her birth date.  When she found it, she was ecstatic.  I mean, it was too so cute.   I just had to get it for her.  It helped that it was only $1.50.  Not as cheap as I could get such a shirt like that, like at a yard sale but all relative.

Now I’m not a zealous tree hugger but I do [recycle] to [reduce] waste if I can and [reuse] & repurpose what I can to [restore] things to the best of my imagination.  I wish the city would [respect] my best efforts and not charge me for doing a good civic duty.  Yes!- they charge to recycle whether you do or not.  I should just quit this business but I can’t because my conscience won’t let me.  And of all things, they won’t recycle glass because of some nonsense about “hazardous”.  Whatever.

I think it’s important to teach children to be thankful and to make the most of their situation.  It’s so much about perspective.  Of course it’s easier said when you have but that’s why God calls us to be content in whatever situation.  It’s His strength in which we rely.  Have faith if ye of little.  We have never been rich according to the world’s standard but God has been so faithful and has provided us abundantly with the things we’ve needed.  We’ve eaten well; have been sheltered under pretty solid, clean & great living spaces; clothed; loved by family and friends.  That’s more than basic necessity to me.  That’s being rich in God’s goodness, even beside giving the life of His only Son so that we may live.   We are rich indeed.


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