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K, stung by a jellow jacket today

Just another day playing in the backyard with friends and the backyard is swarming with bees.  Suddenly, one of the kids from my backyard comes to the door and tells me K got stung.  K is sort of freaking out b/c one of the other kids told her he thought it was a spider.  Since we’ve been discussing the dangers of hobo spider bites, the kinds that we have lurking all around our property, as she approached the door to me, she had a stunned, freaked out look.  I assured her it was just a bee sting since there was only one red dot.  A spider bite would have 2 marks, right?  Well, she didn’t even cry this time.  The first time she got stung was when she was 3, I think.  I’ll have to think about that some more.  I need to go on an assault mission sometime tomorrow, if I get time.  They will pay!!

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