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C, the Brave

For the first time today, C jumped off the diving board of a swimming pool!  What an achievement of overcoming his fears.  He’s always struggled with fear of heights and balance in climbing and such even more so b/c he is down syndrome.   So, if you only knew, today was a big deal.  A super duper big deal.  As I saw him watch at the edge of the pool at his little sisters and other boys jumping off the diving board, I could tell he really wanted to.  So I started to encourage him on.  He surprised me in a wonderful way.  He became more and more brave.  He started off with a stiff jump.  From there he proceeded to do a cannon ball, even running to jump.  He even did a front flip!  Now that’s a feat!  I was so proud of him today.  I think he was proud of himself, too.  He had so much fun on the diving board that he jumped for the last hour we were there.

lincoln pool, nampa

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