The Christian Bias

Galatians 6:10  So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Sometimes it seems that Christians are the worst at being biased against their own.  In “their own,”  I mean the spiritual family of God to which they belong.  Maybe it stems from an insecurity, or a lack of or just plain attitude.  They’ll adopt all the world’s assessment of  cool, hip but label anything the Christian does as lame.  What makes the world’s entertainment and people more “real”?  Is not the pious life of a Christian who fervently is seeking to live out loud the love of his Lord not pleasing?  I dare say it’s sinful bitterness to bad mouth those who are diligent to live a disciplined life in which they believe is pleasing and honoring unto the Lord as “holier than thou.”  What a cliche.   And moreover, what insecurities lie beneath?  You are not more mature because you listen to secular music.  You are not more holy because you listen to just Christian music, although I dare say good Christian music aids in a Godwardness.   I’m really curious about the Christian that automatically disdains or rolls their eyes at anything Christian, whether it be music, movies, games, clothing, etc.  Is it just?  These things come from the heart for out of the heart is what defiles a person.  I admit there are bad Christian productions and products but there are also much good.  It seems those with a bias towards anything made from a Christian perspective already have a disposition to disdain it.  I think it’s terrible grace.

There’s another aspect.  God is gracious and we are ever-growing, but using God’s grace as a mean for excuses in laziness (procrastination is also laziness and I have been guilty).  And I don’t mean beat yourself up dead all day long.  Surely, there’s a time of rest.  Realize you’re not perfect and move on.  Stop the constant whining and spotlighting your flaws so that others might pity you.  This need for constant attention and reaffirmation is really at the heart of insecurity and self-centeredness.  You can be self-righteous in your constant boasting of how well you do but also for the never-ending railing of yourself for attention.

We are generally our worst critic but also are horrible about being criticized.  Those who are good at giving attitude are the worst about taking it.  You can never win with them.  These people are generally very defiant against any authority and are most ungrateful.  Christian, don’t be like that.   Heed the Word.  Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.

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