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sand crab digging, 9/7/2012

carlsbad beach, ca.  we spent time digging for sand crabs, all of us (even husband), with the intent of bringing them home  to fry and feast.  we had a kid’s sized beach pail full even after throwing the littlest ones back, enough to fulfill everyone’s tummy of this would-be deliciously fried appetizer, only to my husband’s disapproval.  he was paranoid that they would have  fatal toxins after searching the net about them.  people eat fish, crab and other sea edibles off the california coast, why not sand crabs?  i found a guy who said they’re a delicacy in thailand, the land where they’d eat just about anything and have been thriving just fine, my sister country.  sometimes it’s just people’s paranoia and finickiness that deters them from trying different foods and some make excuses to avoid anything.  that’s what i think is the issue with sand crabs.  who would have ever thought sushi was safe?  there are many people who would never even think of trying it no matter how much you tried to convince them it was okay.  i tried to convince him that frying them would kill it all.  so after all the preparations of batter and heating oil, i ended up throwing them out.  i did taste a small one when no one was looking and it was good!  just like soft shell crab, which i totally salivate for.  oh well.  it was fun digging for them anyway, even if i did hurt a finger for nothing.  the kids were disappointed too.

KB found a clam digging in the sand but i accidentally threw it away with all the sand crabs.

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