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My Top 5 Most Annoying Sayings

No offense to any family and friends.  I may have to add to this list later, but for now, here it is in no particular order except for #1:

5.  “What not.”  Bad speech and “fillers” for when you have nothing to say.

4.  “Sick.”   It annoys me when culture misuses a word and then turns it to mean something it’s not meant to mean.  Our society has twisted so many words in the english language, some perverted, and now I have to teach my kids the pun to everything as well.  Well, some puns are funny.

3.  “Epic.”  Certain bandwagons are lame.  To me, this is one of them.  I’ll stick to my old school “awesome”.  (I know the quotation mark is supposed to go on the outside, for you grammar freaks like me, but I’ve decided sometimes I think it looks better and is more appropriate to use it before the punctuation. So, there.  Apply below.)

2.  “My bad.”  What the heck is your “bad”?  Why can’t you just say, “Oops, I’m sorry”?

And, there were many contenders but so far, this has been on my toppest, toppity, top list since I started hearing it in high school….

1.  “Been there, done that.”   AAAHH!  I cringe and curl with irritated jitters when I hear that phrase.  I don’t know why.  It just does gross things to my brain processors.

What you got?

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