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Christian Worldliness

Isn’t this an oxymoron?  Why so much doubt in God?  It can only mean distrust, disbelief, discontent and must be denounced.  The heart is deceitful above all.  The world is tugging for our affections.  If we are not careful, I tend to believe that the more we are involved and immersed in the loves of this world, the more we are lured by their lusts.  Understanding the world by learning “about” their ways is one thing.  Immersing in their behaviors and not drawing careful boudaries between the world and a God-centered view can become dangerous.  Why do we compete with the world for their affections?  Why do we dress for gaze?  Goes back to our discontent and dissatisfaction in God.  If we are not satisfied representing His glory, we will seek what does satisfy.  And that will always bring us back to ourselves.

I think back to when all I ever listened to was secular music, especially as a young Christian.  I was a broken (still) girl with emotional needs unmet by a broken family growing up.  As most normal human beings, we all long for love and affection.  I was no different.  But I was not always careful with where and how I got that affection.  Nay, I was very much careless, regrettably.  As I was immersed in much of the world and its ways, I’m sure it was a great barrier to the joy and satisfaction that I could not find in my Lord.  But when all you’re listening to is “i want you” and “girl, you’re so sexy,” “i like it hot,” “don’t stop,” “get what you want,” love, sex and money, the girl kissing boy and all that junk feel good stuff, your mind and heart becomes a bit clouded with…fluff.  It’s very much superficial and leaves you unsatisfied.  Maybe I’m the only one who ever learned this struggle that way.

As we listen to the world’s advice, the world’s music, keeping up with the world’s trends, I am not surprised to find that Christians struggle to see the joy in living without the things the world has, the “feel good” gratifications it appears to offer.  We suffer from the constant need of acceptance and admiration of others in so many ways that we utterly struggle with the contentment of just quietly doing our best and knowing that we are honoring God between the walls of our own homes without having to shout (not literally) that we are either “successful” or so imperfect yet crying (not always literally) about this imperfection and for the world to accept us as we are.  We are accepted by God as we were, sinners.  All the while, we are to seek Him daily and He will be faithful to work out His good purpose for us, to shape and mold us according to His good will.

My point?  Be wise and on guard.  Guard your heart above all else.  What is your goal and desire in mingling with the world.

James 4:4  You adulterous people,don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

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