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Movie Reviews

1.  The Grey.  main actor: Liam Neeson.  I give it 1/5 stars.  It really was not very interesting.  Almost pointless. Waste of almost 2 hours of my life.

2.  October Baby.  4.5/5 stars.  I may be biased because I’m prolife, but, the story was very intimate and deep.  Not superficial in the least.  You would have to be pretty cold hearted not to be moved to tears by this movie. 

3.  Mirror, Mirror.  4/5 stars.  My kids would probably give it 5/5.  They really, really, really enjoyed this movie.  They’ve watched it 3 times now since having first seen it 3 weeks ago. Since they only get to watch “educational” shows during the school week, they’ve opted to watch it the last few weekends.  It turned out to be a cute, family friendly movie, a little twist on the Snow White movie. My daughter, K, said she almost cried to one of the scenes the first time.

4.  The Bourne Legacy.  3/5.  I was not impressed.  It lacked the suspense, thrill, action and intense plot like the ones before it.   I’m not all too crazy about Matt Damon as a person, but as an actor, he was just the right “Bourne.” 

5.  The Flight, starring Denzel Washington.  3/5.  I was unimpressed with the explicit nudity.  Totally unnecessary.  The story itself was interestingly sad.  Of course Denzel acted well, but as a Christian, I have a very hard time accepting his liberal acceptance of such roles that compromise purity of character. 

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