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DIY, Natural Moisturizing Cream

At about 3 months, my infant started having this diaper rash.  It wasn’t a typical diaper rash.  So I set out to put some more natural cream on his sensitive baby skin.  Their skin is so thin that they absorb everything so much faster and easier.  After all the Pinterest exposure, I’m sure I could come up with something.  I had coconut oil and jojoba oil.  So, I just mixed some  parts coconut to 1 part jojoba oil.  The coconut oil is solid and it melts right in your hand.  At least it does in mine.  I just mixed them in a container (the one that I would be storing it in) with a stick.  I can’t say it healed it up completely but it definitely moisturizes.  It seemed to help the first few days but after a week, it still wasn’t completely cleared up.  Took him to the doctor and it seemed to be yeast and moisture makes it grow.  Well, there goes that moisturizing idea.  The cream is still good, but not too helpful with a yeast rash.  You either need to let baby go natural, or get yeast cream.





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