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The Miraculous News & Mystery Message Hunt

August 13, 2012 1 comment

So…the big deal is… I’M PREGNANT.  And we couldn’t be happier.  It’s been a roller coaster on so many levels, to say the least.  With the loss of our 4th child 2 years ago, I’ve been a bag of mixed emotions.  In short, I had some health issues.  I’m down to one tube and it’s a gracious & amazing miracle that life lives in me now.

2 lines = (+) !!! AND (+) = pregnant !! (juuust in case)

Anyway, instead of just outright telling our children, I decided I wanted to do something different this time.  They have been wanting another sibling for a while now and it was a special newsworthy announcement  (not that my other kids weren’t) of some big deal introduction.  God  is good and hears our prayers.  So, what I did was put together a scavenger hunt, of sorts.  I set up 3 clues.

We decided to do this before church because for several reasons.  1)  I didn’t have it done in time Saturday night before bedtime.  2) A friend is having a baby shower next Sunday so I didn’t want my pregnancy announcement to interfere.  3)  That would mean we’d have to wait another 2 weeks before we could tell our kids, then the church, since I would not have wanted to announce it before our children knew.  So it was now or suffer 2 more weeks!  And I am neurotically anxious like that.

On to the hunt.  I set up some clues.  The first clue…

you wear me all day. You change me daily. Sometimes I need to be washed. What am I?

This was supposed to lead them to the huge pile of unfolded laundry laying on my bedroom floor.  #1 would be accomplished.

Clue #2…

I am green. I make oxygen for you to breathe. I like sun and water. What am I?

This led them to one of the plants in the house.  #2 down.

Clue #3…

I sleep in THIS because I am baby. Sometimes I get rocked to soothe the baby. What am I?

This led the kids to a baby cradle the girls have in their room filled with baby dolls.  #3, check.

Clue #4…

Take a baby and find the place where YOU were sheltered before you came into this world. There you will find the mystery answer!!

This led them to me, my belly to be exact.  But the process was such a hoot to watch and listen too.  When they got the last clue, at first KB- said, “the bible!  go get a bible!”  Then she said, “wait, no!  it’s mommy!  it’s mommy’s tummy!  that’s where we were sheltered before we came into this world.”  As they bolted down the hall, KB- paused, confused and said, “wait, mommy?”  That was probably the best part.  So she came to me, lifted my shirt to find the poem I wrote, tucked into my waistband, to tell them the news.  They were all a little confused and surprised.  It took a minute but finally, the realization set in and they were so surprised.  We have been praying and God was faithful.  We also know and give thanks for the many special friends who have been supportive and praying for us and with us.  Praise God for faithful people.

Dearest children;
Children are a heritage from the Lord,
The bible says in psalm 127:3.
What a joy and a blessing,
You three have been to we.
We are excited to add,
To our family tree;
Once we were five,
Six we will be.
God’s grace abide with us still,
Though trials they may test us.
A faithful father is He;
His love always we shall trust.
We are so excited to share,
Our great news with you today.
Kids, our prayers have been answered,
We’re going to have a baby!!!

I don’t know if you can see or make out what it says but I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the words.  I could not have concocted these things so quickly.  I started putting this together last night, really late, as I was simultaneously putting together a volunteer schedule for church.  We are so humbled by God’s gracious hand.  We have been trying for another child for 4 years now and with my health issues, I seriously thought maybe God’s will was we have just 3.  As hard as it would have been, I resolved to be content with it.  His ways are above our ways and His will is good.  For now, we are beyond joyous; especially for me, even in the midst of all my whack emotions.

KB- was leading the pack.  LG- figured out one of the clues (the cradle) and found 1 clue with after they dispersed with instructions.  It was so great.  CG was just along for the ride.  The kids said the hunt was so fun.  I’m so thankful.  I was bummed when I realized I should have recorded them on video.  It would have been such a great video to watch again and again but the I think the memory will live in our memory and minds forever.  The kids are at a point where they understand the loss of our 4th child and the process of praying and patience for another.  They are so thankful and still in disbelief, but happy.  They are excited and I’m excited that they are excited!  Can you tell we’re excited!?

So, afterwards I told them it’s time to get ready for church.  They were so excited the promptly obeyed.  Then I later asked all of them to do something and they cheerfully and promptly obeyed.  Not that they don’t obey normally, but this time it was with an explicable joy.   In obeying what I asked her to do, KB said, “we will do whatever you need to help you out mom since you’re the pregnant one now!”  I love the things kids say (sometimes).   I already feel fat and loving it (well, kinda).  I can let my jelly belly hang.  LG- asked me, “So what are you going to do with your belly fat?”  I replied with a laugh, “it’s going to help cushion the baby.”

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well.  -Psalm 139:14

(this post may be a little grammatically incorrect. i’m tired and trying to get it all in somewhat understandable manner. i apologize in advance. i’ll look at it again when i’m not so blurry.)



C, the Brave

For the first time today, C jumped off the diving board of a swimming pool!  What an achievement of overcoming his fears.  He’s always struggled with fear of heights and balance in climbing and such even more so b/c he is down syndrome.   So, if you only knew, today was a big deal.  A super duper big deal.  As I saw him watch at the edge of the pool at his little sisters and other boys jumping off the diving board, I could tell he really wanted to.  So I started to encourage him on.  He surprised me in a wonderful way.  He became more and more brave.  He started off with a stiff jump.  From there he proceeded to do a cannon ball, even running to jump.  He even did a front flip!  Now that’s a feat!  I was so proud of him today.  I think he was proud of himself, too.  He had so much fun on the diving board that he jumped for the last hour we were there.

lincoln pool, nampa

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An Evening in the Garden with my Children

It was a good day last Wednesday.  I was exhausted that morning due to bad discretion on my part about bed time.  But 2 out of 3 kids were up early (7am is early for us), ate cereal on their own and KB started on her school work.  Self starting days are almost always a good day.  She was motivated to get it done. Got to love that!

We ended the day with gardening.  I sent the neighborhood kids home and made my kids come to the backyard to help me because I knew they would have complained later that they didn’t get to.  Sometimes you just gotta take the lead and make them do things.  They may just thank you for it later.  Otherwise, they may never think of it themselves.  They’re kids!  Man, blessing upon blessing, these kids.  They never complained the whole time.  They pulled weeds and helped me dig trenches in the garden bed.  They helped me for about an hour and it was no easy task.  They were digging dirt like champs.

We were digging dirt and digging trenches for bins that I’m using as containers.  I’m container gardening this year.  I had the usual flat area we dug up 3 summers ago.  I wanted a change and try something new.  For reasons I’m not sure of  because I’m still an amateur, my crops as a whole have not yielded well.  My kale has always done well.  They pumpkins were a hit too.  But even the easiest to grow like peas and tomatoes, have not done well.  Just small yields.

Anyway, this note is more about the joy and cheerfulness that my kids worked with tonight.  They laughed.  The goofed.  They chattered about how they could team-work, like suggesting this and that to each other without fighting.  Now that’s a praise in itself.  They chattered on and on.  It was all so heartwarming to watch the bonding time between my kids.  They alternated shovels till the end.  They commented on how fun it was to help me garden; how they wanted to work hard and be helpful and they were willing to work into the dark night.  Well, we went pretty close.  It was close to 9pm by the time we went to wash up.  My sweet KB even thanked me for giving them the opportunity to garden.  What??!  I am so undeserving of such wonderful kids.  I mean, sure, they are imperfect and have their moments, but they are such good kids.  However imperfect I am, they are unconditional lovers of my motherhood.  Hallelujah to my Savior.  Again, I was a happy mama.  Love them kids.

Pray Like a Champ

My girls.  Maybe it’s sibling rivalry.  Maybe it’s notoriety.  Maybe it’s just plain godly desire.  Maybe a little of all the above.

My kids love to pray.  My son C, now he’s a prayer warrior.  If you are going to pray with him, make sure you are not in a hurry  b/c he covers all the bases.  He’s got God’s attributes addressed, morning, day and night needs, church, family, friends…  He jam packs his prayers.  He is good.

Now K, my eldest daughter, who is now 7, is one of those high achieving do-gooders.  She’s smart, loves to please people, loves to compete and excel at whatever it is that strikes her fancy.  She’s very outgoing and brave.  She wants to tackle the world but she’s got a tender heart that enjoys serving others.  She’s a intelligent, literalist thinker.  She’s also our clumsiest and messiest.  Is it true that the most intelligent are the most unorganized and messy people?  She would fit into that category.  Although, I am working on her organizational character.

Well, since last year, my girls have been doing this thing where they try to up one another in love…er…asking to pray at meals or sit near mom at meals.  Usually L (the youngest) sits next to me and has everyday since a baby, naturally b/c she’s always been the youngest and it was just practical for me to aid in feeding her, etc.  So I’m not sure how the whole “mom, can I sit next to you at dinner” came about.

K really has a sweet heart and desires to please.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  She has a tender spirit and loves all things godly.  She has enjoyed praying before L knew how.  Ever since L realized what praying is, she has given her sister a run for her money.  Pardon the cheap expression.  I think L wants to just b/c she can and to beat her bigger sister.  She tends to fight for attention.  Now they make requests to pray and sit next to me for the next day and sometimes consecutive days thereafter.  Sometimes it’s comical.  Other times I want to scream.  The idea that they are trying to outdo each other in this manner might drive me to cry “pharisee”! but I don’t want to crush their spirits either if they are truly desiring to pray.  A blessing, or a curse?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I hope they don’t lose this zeal to pray when they grow older.

I don’t take this lightly, yet only as serious as I can make it at this age.  My many attempts to teach them about the importance and place prayer has in the life of a believer shall hopefully prove a valuable lesson learned one day- soon.  But only the Spirit of the Lord can illuminate that truth in their hearts.  I pray it be.

Faith like a child…

…is tough for adults. Probably not much surprise there.

As I set out to run errands and take a little break from home school at home today, I’ll dub it a “field trip”.  I always seek to find ways to incorporate a lesson to be learned from daily life.  Since such is the case, I have come to the realization in recent years that learning shouldn’t stop after “school hours” and just about anything can be a “teaching moment”.   Life happens.  So does the opportunity to learn from it.  God’s wonders and creation is infinite and we will (or should) always seek to grow in understanding and knowledge till the day we pass.  I learned some lessons of my own today.

As one of our last stops today, I thought we could go to the mall and just let out some energy walking while window shopping. (I was good, “I” didn’t buy anything but my son did. I just paid for it for him with his money.)  On this “trip”, of course, our first stop was the pet store.  In it we learned a little about rodents, snakes, dogs, birds, and not least, store etiquette. My youngest at age 4 was happy just to be able to wander around in a large area.  The girls got to ride one of those mechanical toys, you know, you put in a quarter and it “jerks” (some pun intended) you around for about 1 minute.  So we had a mini carnival experience without emptying the bank.  They enjoyed climbing on them too.  I’m almost always up for some good, cheap (and clean is a plus for me) fun.

My middle child, who is my first daughter, is quite sweet and passionate.  One thing she is passionate about is spreading the gospel, which is the good news of Christ’s & the cross.  With no prompting from me, she decided when we were getting out of the van that she was going to bring her “scroll”, as she referred to it, which was the construction paper on which she wrote a verse from Galatians 5:1 at church a couple of Sundays ago.  My oldest son tried to warn her, maybe even deter her a little out of fear or embarrassment, which was surprising because he’s usually the first to evangelize. So there we are, walking through the mall, like a lion, she is prowling around ready to share the gospel.  Understandably, she is a bit nervous, having never shared the gospel on her own to strangers.  I kept telling her to just pick anyone but she asked me to pick the people and she would share her bible verse.  So I did, and then she did her part.  The first was a young lady who said she knew of the gospel and goes to church every Sunday.  So we (I) shared the gospel anyway, said our farewell greetings and went on our way.  KB (my daughter) was not satisfied.  She was hungry for more.

Our next victim, the guy in the hobby store.  KB was searching for another opportunity.  So I suggested the guy sitting at the register.  Again, she asked me to go with her.  So I complied. I asked the guy if we could share the gospel with him.  He declined.  And my daughter was dejected.  “CG was right,” she admitted sadly with her head low.  I confessed to her previously and again that it’s true, not everyone will want to hear the gospel.  Our nature is against God but that is why we must share the gospel and hope that God will have mercy by growing any seeds, by the work of the Holy Spirit, that we may have planted today.  So as we were approaching the exit doors of the mall, KB lagged behind, with sullenness.  I asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I wanted to share the gospel with more than one person.”  Bless her heart.  So we tagged the next guy that came through the doors as we were leaving.  Turns out he said he was a christian and he thanked and encouraged us to keep on.  I looked at her, smiled, and said something to the effect of “Well, he said he’s christian.”  She responded with a whisper of “I don’t really believe him.”  I had to encourage her in that since we can’t say for sure because we don’t know him, we have to take his word at face value.  We were able to share the gospel, and KB’s bible verse, with two other people before heading home.  I think she was then satisfied.  At least for today.

As much as it was against my sinful nature to shamelessly be so bold in sharing the gospel truth in such a straightforward manner, I didn’t want to crush my dear daughter’s zeal in evangelism. It also brought me back to the initial period of my faith conversion, you know, the time when you were so on “fire” that you couldn’t contain it and you felt like you had to tell everyone you came in contact with?  I wish it weren’t so.  Now all grown up, we have these “intelligent” ideas and diplomatic ways as to how to approach people about ‘sensitive’ issues like religion.  Hogwash.  Oh Jesus, help me to have the faith like a child!

Today’s lessons:

  • animals: reptiles, fish, birds
  • vocab: all the different species of animals, semi-aggressive, evangelism, evangelist
  • life skills: social etiquette in a store; obedience to authority; social etiquette in evangelism?  😉  courage-doing the right thing even when it’s scary and seemingly hard or embarrassing (I think that was a lesson more for mom);
  • bible: what is the gospel?;  to have faith like a child (that’s obviously for mom)

Matthew 18: 1) At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”  2) And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them   3) and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  4) Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.