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Learn the Bible Books

My kids used this video to learn the books of the bible.  My youngest was just shy of 4 and my other daughter was 5 when they learned this.  It’s possible!  And fun!

It was awfully nice of the Bigsby Show to put my girls on their site.  You can see them at Bigsby News and see other things the show is up to on their official website.

It is awesome because it’s not some cheesy kids’ tune.  It’s actually enjoyable for adults too.  It reminds me of the Beatles style music.  It definitely helped me, and still does.  I hope you can learn something too!  Happy singing and learning!


Ron Paul Revolution Kids

Indoctrination?  Of course!

It seems they like the rhythm and the rhyme. I think they like the idea of personal liberty even better.

It seems ‘indoctrination’ is only used as a negative term when it opposes one’s view or belief.  If we mean by ‘indoctrination’ as a teaching, then we are all indoctrinated to one degree or another.  Dare I call it… ‘parenting’?  OOOO, no she didn.  Oh yes I diii.  Liberty allows me to teach my children as I see fit, and you yours. But, you will be held accountable, so teach carefully.

‘Books of the Bible’ Song

Last year, in an effort to teach my kids to learn the books of the bible, I found this fabulous original song that is the best I’ve heard.  It didn’t take long, about a month, for both my girls, ages 6 and 4 years at the time, to learn it.

Here’s a link to my 4-year-old on my YouTube page, or here.  Here’s my 6-year-old on my YouTube page, or here.

Here is a link to them from the maker’s of the song

It’s such a wonderful reality from heaven when we are blessed from the fruit of our labors.  What a virtuous pursuit!  What a joy to hear such beauty from the mouth of babes!  I hope you enjoy it too!  To the glory of God.

Signing time, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars!

I ventured on to this treasure find at our local library, Nampa public library that is.  And what a find this was!  I watched this dvd with my girls (5 & 3) as enjoyed it as much as they did.  Well, maybe they enjoyed it a little more.  The tunes were catchy, not too cheesy, as some children’s music can be.  The host, Rachel de Azevedo Coleman, does a great job at explaining the signs & expressions.  Her daughter, Leah, who was the inspiration for creating these dvds, is deaf and also plays a role on the series along with her cousin, Alex.  My girls now identify with the two kids like a household name.

The introduction song is fun and has become a part of one of those songs we just sing at random and can’t get out of your head.  It has also given me another teaching opportunity, the uniqueness of being deaf.  I don’t have a great knowledge of the deaf world except for the ASL (American Sign Language) is the universal language for the deaf; that one’s other senses become more sensitive to accommodate for the loss of hearing;  But I pretend not to know the challenges of dealing with deafness.  But in that also, there’s still room for blessing.  My 5 year old is a very curious cat (and please don’t say it’s going to kill her) so she’s constantly asking questions and very eager to learn new things.   So we had a nice discussion about what it might be like to be deaf, what life would be like and how we could adapt.  I use it particularly as a elective homeschooling tool.  It’s great.

I bought the whole set for a great deal on  I definitely recommend it as an educationally fun addition to your dvd collection!   May God continue to bless them, protect them, and may they know the Lord who gives life to all.

Signing Time Season 2: Vols. 4-7

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