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k, 6/20/13

inspired by vbs music, “my God is so big”, she said, “i know somethings God cannot do…

1)  be around sin

2)  be imperfect

then after some discussion, she says, “it’s like he’s allergic to sin”

i love this girl.


The Miraculous News & Mystery Message Hunt

August 13, 2012 1 comment

So…the big deal is… I’M PREGNANT.  And we couldn’t be happier.  It’s been a roller coaster on so many levels, to say the least.  With the loss of our 4th child 2 years ago, I’ve been a bag of mixed emotions.  In short, I had some health issues.  I’m down to one tube and it’s a gracious & amazing miracle that life lives in me now.

2 lines = (+) !!! AND (+) = pregnant !! (juuust in case)

Anyway, instead of just outright telling our children, I decided I wanted to do something different this time.  They have been wanting another sibling for a while now and it was a special newsworthy announcement  (not that my other kids weren’t) of some big deal introduction.  God  is good and hears our prayers.  So, what I did was put together a scavenger hunt, of sorts.  I set up 3 clues.

We decided to do this before church because for several reasons.  1)  I didn’t have it done in time Saturday night before bedtime.  2) A friend is having a baby shower next Sunday so I didn’t want my pregnancy announcement to interfere.  3)  That would mean we’d have to wait another 2 weeks before we could tell our kids, then the church, since I would not have wanted to announce it before our children knew.  So it was now or suffer 2 more weeks!  And I am neurotically anxious like that.

On to the hunt.  I set up some clues.  The first clue…

you wear me all day. You change me daily. Sometimes I need to be washed. What am I?

This was supposed to lead them to the huge pile of unfolded laundry laying on my bedroom floor.  #1 would be accomplished.

Clue #2…

I am green. I make oxygen for you to breathe. I like sun and water. What am I?

This led them to one of the plants in the house.  #2 down.

Clue #3…

I sleep in THIS because I am baby. Sometimes I get rocked to soothe the baby. What am I?

This led the kids to a baby cradle the girls have in their room filled with baby dolls.  #3, check.

Clue #4…

Take a baby and find the place where YOU were sheltered before you came into this world. There you will find the mystery answer!!

This led them to me, my belly to be exact.  But the process was such a hoot to watch and listen too.  When they got the last clue, at first KB- said, “the bible!  go get a bible!”  Then she said, “wait, no!  it’s mommy!  it’s mommy’s tummy!  that’s where we were sheltered before we came into this world.”  As they bolted down the hall, KB- paused, confused and said, “wait, mommy?”  That was probably the best part.  So she came to me, lifted my shirt to find the poem I wrote, tucked into my waistband, to tell them the news.  They were all a little confused and surprised.  It took a minute but finally, the realization set in and they were so surprised.  We have been praying and God was faithful.  We also know and give thanks for the many special friends who have been supportive and praying for us and with us.  Praise God for faithful people.

Dearest children;
Children are a heritage from the Lord,
The bible says in psalm 127:3.
What a joy and a blessing,
You three have been to we.
We are excited to add,
To our family tree;
Once we were five,
Six we will be.
God’s grace abide with us still,
Though trials they may test us.
A faithful father is He;
His love always we shall trust.
We are so excited to share,
Our great news with you today.
Kids, our prayers have been answered,
We’re going to have a baby!!!

I don’t know if you can see or make out what it says but I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the words.  I could not have concocted these things so quickly.  I started putting this together last night, really late, as I was simultaneously putting together a volunteer schedule for church.  We are so humbled by God’s gracious hand.  We have been trying for another child for 4 years now and with my health issues, I seriously thought maybe God’s will was we have just 3.  As hard as it would have been, I resolved to be content with it.  His ways are above our ways and His will is good.  For now, we are beyond joyous; especially for me, even in the midst of all my whack emotions.

KB- was leading the pack.  LG- figured out one of the clues (the cradle) and found 1 clue with after they dispersed with instructions.  It was so great.  CG was just along for the ride.  The kids said the hunt was so fun.  I’m so thankful.  I was bummed when I realized I should have recorded them on video.  It would have been such a great video to watch again and again but the I think the memory will live in our memory and minds forever.  The kids are at a point where they understand the loss of our 4th child and the process of praying and patience for another.  They are so thankful and still in disbelief, but happy.  They are excited and I’m excited that they are excited!  Can you tell we’re excited!?

So, afterwards I told them it’s time to get ready for church.  They were so excited the promptly obeyed.  Then I later asked all of them to do something and they cheerfully and promptly obeyed.  Not that they don’t obey normally, but this time it was with an explicable joy.   In obeying what I asked her to do, KB said, “we will do whatever you need to help you out mom since you’re the pregnant one now!”  I love the things kids say (sometimes).   I already feel fat and loving it (well, kinda).  I can let my jelly belly hang.  LG- asked me, “So what are you going to do with your belly fat?”  I replied with a laugh, “it’s going to help cushion the baby.”

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well.  -Psalm 139:14

(this post may be a little grammatically incorrect. i’m tired and trying to get it all in somewhat understandable manner. i apologize in advance. i’ll look at it again when i’m not so blurry.)


K, stung by a jellow jacket today

Just another day playing in the backyard with friends and the backyard is swarming with bees.  Suddenly, one of the kids from my backyard comes to the door and tells me K got stung.  K is sort of freaking out b/c one of the other kids told her he thought it was a spider.  Since we’ve been discussing the dangers of hobo spider bites, the kinds that we have lurking all around our property, as she approached the door to me, she had a stunned, freaked out look.  I assured her it was just a bee sting since there was only one red dot.  A spider bite would have 2 marks, right?  Well, she didn’t even cry this time.  The first time she got stung was when she was 3, I think.  I’ll have to think about that some more.  I need to go on an assault mission sometime tomorrow, if I get time.  They will pay!!

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Homemade Pudding Pops

Okay so I had this huge can of pudding (I know, not the best pudding) and I needed to do something with it.  Or at least I wanted to get rid of that behemoth of a can of pudding.  So it happened that I also had a big tub of strawberry yogurt that needed eating.  So, I had the somewhat brilliant idea of mixing the two and making somewhat healthy pudding pops.  I eyeball-mixed somewhat equal amounts of each and poured somewhat eye-balled equal amounts into plastic cups; stuck popsicle sticks into the middle (it was thick enough to sit upright without falling) and put into freezer.  I didn’t cover each one but that’s your choice.  I just covered the whole tub with one sheet of aluminum foil.  You could use wax paper or plastic too.  Since this was a spur of the moment idea and I wasn’t really prepared (as I do things sometimes), I didn’t have a clean, flat shelf in the freezer to lay the cups so I had to improvise with the green tub.  It’s what I had and it worked great.  So I moved a few things around in the freezer chest and voila!-  there was just the right amount of space for it and that was the very last space I had in my freezer chest.  Woo Hoo!  It was meant to be!

Don’t they look good?!

Looks like someone’s liking the pudding pops!


Second Hands

So, for my girls’ birthday this year I let them have a (semi) shopping spree at one of our local “second-hand/thrift store”.   I say ‘semi’ because 1) I had to approve and 2) it had to be within a certain “frugal” price range of which I will keep a mystery.  I love the fact that my kids don’t care that it’s been “passed down” or previously used and they know this.  I have told them so.  They will never (at least until they’re older teenage or adults) know the overrated name brands of clothing. I think it’s sad and somewhat pathetic when kids and their parents complain that they won’t wear anything but certain brands.  I am thankful that I was never that child or teen.  Marketing has done its job, and well.  Sure, there are brands that are great quality but I won’t live and die by them like some people.  For too many, it’s part of their identity.

We shopped before their actual birthdays.  They both got an armful of stuff.  I had them hold some of it to feel the weight of what they were getting.  I was tickled when one of my youngest daughter’s pick was this shirt…

and she really wanted to wear it on her birth date.  When she found it, she was ecstatic.  I mean, it was too so cute.   I just had to get it for her.  It helped that it was only $1.50.  Not as cheap as I could get such a shirt like that, like at a yard sale but all relative.

Now I’m not a zealous tree hugger but I do [recycle] to [reduce] waste if I can and [reuse] & repurpose what I can to [restore] things to the best of my imagination.  I wish the city would [respect] my best efforts and not charge me for doing a good civic duty.  Yes!- they charge to recycle whether you do or not.  I should just quit this business but I can’t because my conscience won’t let me.  And of all things, they won’t recycle glass because of some nonsense about “hazardous”.  Whatever.

I think it’s important to teach children to be thankful and to make the most of their situation.  It’s so much about perspective.  Of course it’s easier said when you have but that’s why God calls us to be content in whatever situation.  It’s His strength in which we rely.  Have faith if ye of little.  We have never been rich according to the world’s standard but God has been so faithful and has provided us abundantly with the things we’ve needed.  We’ve eaten well; have been sheltered under pretty solid, clean & great living spaces; clothed; loved by family and friends.  That’s more than basic necessity to me.  That’s being rich in God’s goodness, even beside giving the life of His only Son so that we may live.   We are rich indeed.


Clean Up in Aisle Not Numbered

I went shopping today at a local cheapy store. It’s like the Dollar stores but not. So as I filled my cart to almost overflowing and looking at something else, my helpful daughter who was trying to scoot our cart out of the middle of the aisle. I taught her too well. Well, in the process of doing so, the cart, full, wouldn’t budge because the wheels were so sticky and hard to turn. So the whole cart- FULL- toppled over her and landed on top of her. I saw the thing as it was tipping and fall on top of her.  It happened so fast yet so slow mo in my head. I responded as fast as I could to pull the cart off her after I yelped.  So I think I woke everyone up.   This is my accident prone daughter who just broke her arm last summer.  Poor girl.  Half of the stuff fell out of my cart onto her as well the floor.  The aisles aren’t numbered so one of the employees must have just followed the loud crash and yell, I think.  Thanks to a lady and her daughter for restocking my cart.  We filled out a report and spent some time in the bathroom.  One side of her face is scraped & welted from her forehead to her chin; busted lip, scraped arms, and a scraped circle on her shoulder.  She’s complaining of a little chest pain too.   Will have to keep any eye on that.  That trip to the store today was so not worth it.  ARG!  Ugh, I feel like a horrible mom.  BUT, if I didn’t have a conscience (money for a lawsuit would help too), I would sue that store.  I’m fighting the desire to.  Oh, pray for me.

Sweet girl, when you grow up and read all these stories, please know that I’m so sorry my darling for all the pains you’ve gone through.  I know, it’s all part of life, but still.

An Evening in the Garden with my Children

It was a good day last Wednesday.  I was exhausted that morning due to bad discretion on my part about bed time.  But 2 out of 3 kids were up early (7am is early for us), ate cereal on their own and KB started on her school work.  Self starting days are almost always a good day.  She was motivated to get it done. Got to love that!

We ended the day with gardening.  I sent the neighborhood kids home and made my kids come to the backyard to help me because I knew they would have complained later that they didn’t get to.  Sometimes you just gotta take the lead and make them do things.  They may just thank you for it later.  Otherwise, they may never think of it themselves.  They’re kids!  Man, blessing upon blessing, these kids.  They never complained the whole time.  They pulled weeds and helped me dig trenches in the garden bed.  They helped me for about an hour and it was no easy task.  They were digging dirt like champs.

We were digging dirt and digging trenches for bins that I’m using as containers.  I’m container gardening this year.  I had the usual flat area we dug up 3 summers ago.  I wanted a change and try something new.  For reasons I’m not sure of  because I’m still an amateur, my crops as a whole have not yielded well.  My kale has always done well.  They pumpkins were a hit too.  But even the easiest to grow like peas and tomatoes, have not done well.  Just small yields.

Anyway, this note is more about the joy and cheerfulness that my kids worked with tonight.  They laughed.  The goofed.  They chattered about how they could team-work, like suggesting this and that to each other without fighting.  Now that’s a praise in itself.  They chattered on and on.  It was all so heartwarming to watch the bonding time between my kids.  They alternated shovels till the end.  They commented on how fun it was to help me garden; how they wanted to work hard and be helpful and they were willing to work into the dark night.  Well, we went pretty close.  It was close to 9pm by the time we went to wash up.  My sweet KB even thanked me for giving them the opportunity to garden.  What??!  I am so undeserving of such wonderful kids.  I mean, sure, they are imperfect and have their moments, but they are such good kids.  However imperfect I am, they are unconditional lovers of my motherhood.  Hallelujah to my Savior.  Again, I was a happy mama.  Love them kids.