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The Blind Side movie ; love and charity; submissiveness, modesty and Christ

My husband and I watched “The Blind Side” the last week and these are just some of my thoughts of the movie being based on a true story.  This is definitely a touching story, one of the generosity of a woman, namely (mostly) Mrs. Leigh Ann Tuohy (pronounced too-ee) and her family.  Though I wonder how much it accurately portrays Leigh Ann, who comes across as an independent, controlling, steamroller-I-will-it-it-done attitude.  While I do commend her matter-of-fact-take-charge and care of the situation posture, (I myself am a lot like that, but learning how to not be so overwhelmingly controlling though), I hesitate to commend her seeming disregard and totally brash strategies.  She was portrayed as having a hard exterior but having a soft heart.  She’s afraid of showing the “softer side” of her emotions, like crying or sadness,  which is true to some extent for many, if not all, of us- namely called pride.  She’s a strong, independent working woman who manages her home with great vigor.  She didn’t stand for nonsense (which I respect) but was also rude and obnoxious (which I don’t get away with much).  I must admit, I was cheering her on when she gave her lunch friends a what for when they were criticizing and down-playing the care and concern she had for Michael Oher’s well-being. 

I was also not crazy about the way in which she was portrayed in her attire- sleek, tight and revealing clothing.  She seemingly was high maintenance in her appearance to which I’m sure her job played a big role.  She came off to me as the one who “runs the show”, while her husband sits idly for at her beck and call.  I have had some reflections on this myself as I seek to understand and honor God in how I balance the character of a Proverbs 31 woman yet submissive and honoring of my husbands role as head of our home, thus me as well.  I struggle with knowing how much to put forth without overstepping my bounds as a wife.  As I tend to be a lot like Mrs. Tuohy, much more so before I married, and as I continue to grow in my understanding and love for Christ and respect for the order in which God has created, I must learn the great balance of the Proverbs 31 woman I desire to be and the wife I am to my husband as well.  Great challenges for me indeed. 

Granted one movie could not spell out everything and every account of a person’s life but according to the movie’s portrayal, I wonder about the personal time and discipleship she devoted to her other 2 children.   As I watched the Thanksgiving day scene when what seems to be their tradition, that everyone grabs their food and runs back to the TV to watch the football game while eating on the couch.  Mrs. Tuohy turns in surprise to notice the one person who appears to value the “table time” is Michael, the one who formerly didn’t have the luxury of the bare essentials of life, namely food.  And though not mentioned in the movie, he probably didn’t have the luxury and know how of eating at a table with a family that had so much to be thankful for.  So Mrs. Tuohy is then compelled to turn the TV off at the gasp of her family’s reaction, they gather at the table together and then say ‘grace’.  The prayer, if it be a true accurate account of the actual prayer, was one of those generic prayers of “thanks” as if to some mystical, spritual beings that even pagans will pray to.  There was no closing with “in Jesus name” or “in Christ”.  You know, what ‘Christians’ usually end prayers in?  I’m not trying to deduce a prayer to meaninglessness just because it lacks a “proper closing” or advocate legalism by saying you must end prayers in a certain way, but by these acknowledgments, we verbally express (obliged with faith and sincere hearts) and give honor and glory to Whom it belongs.  In my opinion, if I just said a prayer such as “I am thankful for this food. amen.”, it may beg the question of  “to whom am I thankful”?  Am I thanking myself for preparing it?  Myself for going to the store and buying it?   My husband because he works for the paycheck in which we buy the food?  Some random spiritual bring that floats around in the air or sky somewhere?  Sure, we can be thankful for those things, but to God be the glory for all he gives according to His riches and mercy.

Though the true life characters have been praised to be ‘real Christians’, the movie lacked a representation of their life of Christianity apart from their “works” in saving Michael from poverty, solitude and abandonment.   Of course we should “act on our faith” with good deeds, and surely this they did . But only at the end does the narrator, who is supposed to be Leigh Ann herself speaking, is there a mention of thanks to God for making it all possible.  So I don’t know if this was just a part of the writer’s editing authority or how it actually played out in real life.

All this being said, I enjoyed the movie and mean no disrespect to Mrs. Tuohy and her family.  This was not intended to just be a “judgment fest”.  I applaud the Tuohys for stepping out in faith (and by faith I don’t mean something they conjure up in themselves for themselves) and opening their hearts and home to one who was least among them.  What a great cinderella story and a bang ending in real life, as Michael enters the world of national football.  I had always hoped that we would be able to open our home and lend ourselves to God’s merciful grace in helping many lives like this story.  Michael was definitely blessed by God’s intervention, by mercy and grace, shown through the Tuohys.   May God continue to bless the Tuohys as they seek to help others as their family sees fit and may He get the glory.  It definitely stirs up emotions of giving, give hope to the poor, love for the needy.  How great that God would give us “joy” when we give when we learn how loving it is, for it is better to give than to receive. 

I would recommend the movie and you can get it at  Thank you for reading.