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The Christian Vote

November 7, 2012 1 comment

I know the controversial nature of making such a statement, but here I stand (well, sit).  How can any true Christian support a vote for a candidate that is pro-abortion?  It truly boggles and grieves my heart.  To say at all it’s okay for a woman to have  the right to choose such a violent act yet these are generally the very same people who are against wars.  Do you not know that abortion is essentially war against the woman, the body and a human life that God has created in His own image?  Are you not playing God when you decide such a matter as ending a human life?  Your conveniences are not so more important that you should spare another’s life.  This issue, however you want to categorize it, enrages me as it is essentially the sacrifice of a life.  Let’s not even bring up the “life of the mother” or “extreme handicaps,” people.  Those are cop-outs at their weakest.  Rape and incest, though it be a terrible crime, does not equate justice in executing a life, either.  That reason, statistically, is so rare.  Sorry, but that’s the hard truth nobody likes to hear.  I’m not trying to be callous or insensitive.  I know the complex emotions are real but they can be overcome.  Death once executed successfully, cannot be undone.   All the “reasons” aka excuses given are justifications of our self-desires.  How do we look the other way when we vote for candidates that are not only permissive of such acts, but in active pursuits of encouraging such a crime?  How do we justify our support of them?  Because they want to spend millions of tax dollars to increase government, supposedly “helping” the poor?  You don’t help the poor by encouraging dependence.  You help them by teaching them.  Yes, times are tough.  But times are always going to be tough for somebody, somewhere.  The world is not perfect and there will always be poverty until Jesus returns.  That’s just hard reality.

I proclaim that the first and foremost important issue for the Christian voter should  be the candidate’s stance on abortion.  The one issue- life, pro-life.  How can any other issue trump the very thing that all others build on- life?!  If there is no life, no ultimate, innate respect and value for life where it all begins- in the womb- there is no basis for valuing the good of the poor, the sick or the needy.  Yes, the church is charged to care for the widows and poor in need, first in their own assembly and then the latter.  And we should.

And how can a person, namely here, the president, who proclaims Christ condone such an act as permissible by law?  Sure, he says he doesn’t “personally” agree but that’s just a cop out.  We have many laws that prohibit harm to others.  The unborn human baby should be the “least of these” that is protected as well.  I submit they are the most vulnerable.  It horrifies me that this tragic practice goes on in our country, in plain view no less, and no shame for some.  It should be a crime punishable by law.  Yes, it is that simple.



Conservative, Not Racist

August 29, 2012 2 comments

Being conservative makes one no more racist than does being democrat make one black.  This issue really irks me to the core.  I dislike Obama’s policies and philosophies as much as I do any other democrat before him, Clinton or otherwise.  It can be just about the issues and not racism.  Really; it can.  And for me and I’m sure most conservatives, it very much is about the issues.  We just disagree.  Talk about being jaded.  Liberals, democrats and blacks in that camp have used this divisive issue to their advantage and have done well to abuse it.  It’s an over played though well played tactic.

I was teased and bullied more by “minorities” growing up as a “minority” than by white people.  I remember my black “friends” called me racist names to my face and around me to their friends.  I experienced more prejudice in the “big city” where there’s supposed to be more tolerance of diversity.  I grew up in the city of “brotherly love”, a place where you best not look at someone the wrong way or you’ll get what’s coming to you for it.  That’s love alright.  Of course I had good black friends…and white…and Hispanic friends, too.  Dare I say there’s more hate in the metro areas that are supposed to be more tolerant than the small towns?  Well, I dare and I did.  I’ve lived in both settings in various states across the U.S. and my experience says so.  If there is racism and prejudice in the small, white towns of America, I’ve little experienced them.  I’m sure there is racism still.  I’m not denying that at all.  But many if not most white people are a bit more quiet about it.  They just keep to themselves in that way.  At least that’s what I’ve experienced.

I love my black peeps as much as my white and every other color peeps but the attitudes sometimes just get to me.  What can I say but that I’m human.  I’m not racist, in case you were wondering.  I am prejudice against bad attitudes, and I don’t mean cool.  Well, maybe that too.  Maybe prejudice isn’t the best word to use, but relative to this here’s discussion, I’ll use it for lack of better word right now.  I just think liberals have used and abused the race card.  We are passed the age of slavery.  We still have servants today but many of them hispanic.  Shall they cry “oppression”?  They seem just thankful to have a paying job; to be able to scrape whatever they can to care for  themselves and their families.  Every race is allowed to vote now.  There are so many freedoms we all share.  Can’t we get passed inciting implied racist innuendos in every comment conservative, white folk might say?  Are we passed demanding retribution for the oppression of black folk from centuries ago?  Seriously.  Asians have also been oppressed by people and other countries yet you don’t hear them crying foul.   Asians are known for just working hard and minding their own business.  They don’t cry about being ‘disadvantage’ so then therefore they should get freebies from the government and everyone else.  They just try again and work even harder, abiding by the rules and laws.  And I’ve heard of other minorities bashing the Asians for being honest, hard workers who follow the law.   Wow.  That’s so encouraging.  But seemingly the way of the lazy, world.  Now, it may sound as though I’m just railing on minorities here, mainly black folk.  Yes, here, I am.  It’s not always a “black and white” issue but when it comes to politics, those who do abuse it, do it well and it needs to stop.  I don’t think this is what Martin Luther Jr. committed his life to.  Let issues be the issues and stop bringing racism and prejudice into it.

In any event, I was your typical, statistical, pregnant, out-of-wedlock teenager .  Flash forward 20 years.  My only hope?  God Almighty saved me from my own destruction.  His grace and mercy has carried me through many trials, many mistakes and regrets.  Somehow in it all, He worked it out for my good.  I am now married to a God-fearing man who seeks God’s good for us.  We’ve had our trials also, but God continues to lead us with His grace.  We have 3 children; including the down syndrome child I bore in my adolescence, and one miraculous addition on the way.

Anyway, all this to say;  I’m a minority.  I’ve never felt more hatred and prejudice than I have from the minorities.  Being conservative or republican doesn’t make anyone racist.  If someone is racist, they were likely that way before.  Sadly, there are black leaders and regular black folk that consider themselves conservative yet are ousted by their own.  Why?  Apparently, being democrat makes you more sympathetic and caring about minorities.  I tell you- that’s a lie!  There.  I’ve said it.

Give Me My Portion!

Someone in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.” But he said to him, “Man, who made me a judge or arbitrator over you?” And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”
(Luke 12:13-15 ESV)

What’s your entitlement?  The root of the world’s sentiments towards the things they “deserve” is covetousness and selfish desires.  Some part lazy.  Lazy and rest are 2 different things.   The government has lost its way and has convinced culture of the same.  Lost is the value of earning because of the hard work you’ve put forth.  “In” is the mindset of “I don’t need to work that hard because I’ll get what I need for free anyway.”  Sad.  Terrible.

Let me just say, we are not rich in money.  We do not have millions or even hundred thousands. We are considered the “middle class.”  We are your average family, making an average wage, living an average life, striving to be good stewards of what’s been entrusted to our care.  No, we don’t do it perfectly but it’s our goal.  I salvage what I can, repurpose, don’t waste food (eat what you take, take what you can eat).  I believe food waste is terrible stewardship of one of God’s many blessings.  We have gone from being thankful for our food scraps to being so picky because we have plenty.  We take food for granted.  What a shame!

Money never has grown on trees, or has it?  Well, now, money grows out of machines and losing its value thanks to our supposedly gracious government.  It’s not wise but who cares?  Everyone is getting what’s coming to them, right?

This has been a random ramble, brought to you by moi.

Meeting Judge Andrew Napolitano

We were privileged to attend the Idaho Freedom Foundation‘s banquet last night with guest speaker Judge Andrew Napolitano.   It was those once in a lifetime deals and we are very thankful to our special, beloved friend for sponsoring us.  He’s pretty much what you see on t.v.- your stereotypical funny, loud Italian who can tell good stories and does it well.  He didn’t have body guards.  He was walking around the place like your average down-to-earth guy, which was really cool.  I snagged him while he was taking a sitting break (to my husband’s anxious fret) to get this picture.  We got to take professional pictures too that came with the invitation to the banquet.   As we sat down to take the picture with him, he told my husband that he was a lucky guy.  Ahem…((blushed)).   I’d have to admit, it was one of my (rare) better nights (last night) but the Judge doesn’t have to live with me.  I was actually in heels!  He’s pretty much right on with his political views too.  Ha!  It was a great night with great food.  And I just hit a “chip in” birdie in Wii golf against my husband as I blog this very post.  I feel like I’m on a roll.  Da hah!


Ron Paul is the true freedom candidate and from what I’ve seen and heard from The Judge, I think he thinks so too.

War on Families, Kids, and Boundaries

Watching the documentary called “War on Kids” begs the question, “how did we get here?”   The documentary talks about the war on kids, how kids are now feared and the extreme lengths schools have gone and are going to to eliminate any trace of violence according to “zero tolerance”.  Kids are getting suspended and arrested at various grades and ages as young as elementary for trivial things like drawing pictures of gun and violence or any hint of a sexual nature.   How did the public schools come to such extreme?  Is it really any wonder?  Our society has increasingly become so sensitive to every thing.  Kids are taught to be ultra sensitive to everything.  If the teachers and principals, leaders in these institutions, could actually exercise discipline the way they used to the old school way, kids may not be so out of control.  If parents disciplined their kids and didn’t cater to their every whine and whim, they may be better equipped to behave at school.  Remember the fear when they were threatened with “the call home”?  If politics hasn’t convinced you that this is just bullying and a scare tactic, then there may be hope for you.  If parents didn’t fear being criminalized by government authorities; if there wasn’t such threat by society and laws that hindered parental discipline, maybe we wouldn’t have so many delinquents in our society and public schools.  Principals and leaders can barely do anything but be politically correct about their approach to punishing bad behavior, if you are even allowed to call it that.   We have to leave it to the “real” authorities like law enforcement.  Maybe we wouldn’t need to waste more tax payer money on police to guard these schools if kids rules weren’t so lenient.   The family unit has been deteriorating for a long time now.  There is less emphasis made on the importance of the whole family- dad, mom, kids and the elevating the building of healthy home relationships, and more emphasis on the growing idea that the family is whatever you want it to be.  Maybe we wouldn’t have kids roaming schools looking for ways to fit in, ways to be loved, ways to hurt others and bringing weapons to prove something about themselves.  There are two extremes and kids have waaaay too many rights.   Who would of thought there would be a day that kids, minors, could sue their own parents.  Ridiculous. Kids need structure and they need to learn young that they are under authority.  If children are taught that they have whatever rights and freedoms of adults as young children, and you do not model respect and submission to authority, you can probably forget that they will show you respect, never mind authority figures outside of your home.  If they don’t learn this early on, they will resist and rebel as they grow older and this habit can lead them into unhealthy life patterns as adults; i.e. not being able to find or keep a job; unhealthy romantic relationships and friendships, etc.  Sometimes the blame goes to this idea that parents are taught or capable of teaching their children.  Even back in the day, hundreds or even thousands of years, there was always a time when someone became a parent for the first time and they learned to adapt.  Where has the time gone?  Why are we so dependent and quick to blame this and that for the reason why we can’t parent?  It’s never our fault.  If you need help, get it.  From a humanistic viewpoint, ask around- your family, friends, for advice.  For the Christian, you have many resources as well.  God Almighty is faithful and capable.  Get off your pride horse and stop bleeding with self loathing and do what needs to be done for the best interest of you and your family.   Set the example of hope for a lost and bleeding culture.

The public school system is a sad reflection of the deterioration what and where our society has gone and is going.  Sure, there are exceptions.  But the former may soon become the rule if things don’t change.  And change may be remembering our past and how our historical system of ‘no tolerance’ was different from today’s ‘zero tolerance’ system.  Unfortunately, the responsibility has been too greatly shifted to teachers as parents also to children who are neglected at home.  We need to get to the heart of the matter.  And it always starts in the home.

I’m thankful that we have the freedom to homeschool, but I fear that this freedom will be threatened as our freedoms in all realms are being threatened.  I don’t know it all and we are not perfect but I will not walk around idle concerning the needs of my family.  I will do my best to raise them in the way they should go.  I pray you do the same and that God will be glorified.