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“Appropriate” Use and Modesty

From this is when I decided I would introduce the word “appropriate” to my kids’ every day vocabulary. My first daughter was probably 2 years old (that was 6 years ago!) when I started using “appropriate” with her and all my kids have learned this word well. It’s never too early to introduce words and concepts that we might otherwise think our children wouldn’t understand. Of course, there are exceptions to this. But in general, my only point is, kids are capable of understanding more than we think. We tend to try to dumb things down; ideas, concepts and info, and I think many times that is unfortunate. Children may not understand it right away but with consistency, they will catch on.
Anyway, this is a great albeit brief talk about Christian modesty and appropriateness.



Godly, Honest & Real Men Value Modesty in Women

Visual Help on Modesty

These are just some visuals of what I think modest apparel might look like.  No boob show.  No crack peeks/peaks (both intended).  Safe lengths for a bending-over moment (although you shouldn’t bend over, you should bend your knees).  Never mind some of the poses.  That I am not referring.  Those, not so modest.  In modesty, attitude matters too.





And here are some examples of what I think are immodest.  Sure, this stuff is cute and appealing to the eyes, but the latter is part of the problem.  If it looks like undergarments or see-through, I think it pretty much is disqualified under “modest”.  Being modest doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cute and good-looking outfits.  I think the examples above prove that.



This is Katie Perry, who says she’s a Christian and flaunts everything about herself, including immodesty.


Modesty, Youth and Prom

Lessons in Feminine Godliness, noted#1

Sure, I struggle with this.  I’m not quiet but I have my moments.  I seek the gentle spirit but sometimes I’m rough around the edges.  But this is my Lord’s will, that I submit to a blameless life.  It’s a good thing I don’t live it on my own, but my Savior has died for a wretch like me.  I will persevere.  I will be longsuffering.  I will endure.  I will pursue.  So help me God.

An Attitude of Modesty

Modesty does start in the heart.  If your disposition about modesty is that “it’s not fair” and “why all these rules”, then maybe you need to search God and your own heart.  It’s the heart of the matter, so to speak.  The emphasis goes both ways, for guys and gals.  Guys need to be responsible for their own hearts, be careful where their eyes wander and pray hard against the temptations of sinful lust.  Gals, we need to do our part in guarding and protecting our brothers within our capability to do so.

Gals, it’s not so much about the rules than it is about honoring God in pursuing what his word says about purity.  If all you’re doing is complaining about why you “have to” do this and that and care and be responsible and on and on, then you need to check yourself.  Your attitude and perspective on the whole thing is whack.  If you are considering others above yourself in this issue, you wouldn’t be so self-centered.  You can be stylish and still be modest.  I wrote another blog in length about modesty that talks about other stuff concerning modesty.  I hope you read it and can benefit from it.  But, back to this issue of the attitude.  I’ve read some other blogs about modesty and people who say they are Christian but talk about how we’ve (meaning Christians) “hijacked” the modesty issue.  Modesty has always been an issue, granted in various forms according to culture and times, but not a new phenomenon.  That’s why it’s mentioned in the bible.  Our culture and times are not much different.  I believe our culture’s morality and rebellion to the nature of God will continue to tumble downhill but that doesn’t mean we ought to stop spreading God’s word.  On the contrary.  Christians ought to be proactive in living their lives in such a way as to be different, set apart, as God has intended his people to be.  If you walk, talk and look like the pagan culture, what sets you apart?  This idea that Christianity has hijacked modesty is offensive to me as a Christian.  Modesty is and has been a part of Christianity.

Modesty isn’t just about the clothes and the way you look, it can be an attitude about anything- the way you eat, the way you recreate, the way you talk, etc.  Of course we can all have a tendency to take things to extremes sometimes.  But I also think sometimes culture is increasing going so far away from the innate moral standard that God has placed in all of us as image bearers that trying to “go back” to anything simple, natural and plain modest is considered extreme.  So I don’t give too much attention to people to cry ‘extremist’.  It’s generally a form of defensiveness and a justification of the excuses one will use for their self-centered behaviors.

Humility has a lot to do with modesty.   In an era of digital everything, it’s hard to see past all the glitter and lights.  I love pictures.  Pictures are great for remembering memories.  What annoys me is how people are constantly taking pictures of themselves and posting it for the world to see.  And not only that but people who call themselves Christians posing in these pictures they are taking of themselves in skanky outfits that bear parts of their extremities that are the very reason for many men’s stumbling and then they want to say it’s their ‘right and liberty’ and the guys should control themselves.  Girls, we all need self-control.  For you, it may be controlling your desire to flaunt yourself in a manner that is not worthy of God’s pure name.  It reveals either a grave insecurity for unhealthy attention or a grave pride and vanity that is detestable to the Lord.  Either way here, you lose.  Your love and affection should be secure in Christ, for your body is not your own, it was bought with a price.  Therefore honor God with your body.  And the way some gals think they stroll around town is an embarrassing witness of God’s holiness.  Oh, but they are so nice, sweet, loving , kind and would do anything for you, yadda, yadda, yadda,.. and it’s evident they love God so much.  I’d say hogwash.  I’d say they love themselves more.  Churches and leaders fear speaking on this issue because unfortunately we have been convinced that it’s unloving and ‘judgmental’ should we set any standard for people to live up to.  How dare we.  How dare the bible?  Read it.  Seek God in this matter and see if your heart not be convicted.  We can know it all, knowledge that is, but the doing is the hard part.  Sometimes we give ourselves so many ‘breaks’ that soon it all becomes muddled and unimportant.  We have a great ability to justify just about anything we set our minds to, God allowing, of course.

So, it’s not all about you, so get over yourself.  We all have insecurities.  I always say, it’s not about whether you’re insecure, because you are, it’s about how you deal with it.  Christian, you got to treasure God’s name above your own.  I know it’s a hard thing and a struggle for all in varying levels.  But it’s not impossible.  Look outside yourself.  Seek Him.


What Young Guys Say About Modesty

Modesty isn’t dead.  It isn’t ancient culture.  It’s biblical and it’s concept does not fade with culture and time.  It’s encouraging to know that mothers are still teaching their sons and sons are passing it on to their own generation.  Here are some guys’ thoughts.  Check it out.  Be encouraged.  Be changed for the glory of God.