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Dry, Cracked Skin Remedy?


I’m no scientist or dermatologist.  I do not claim to be a knowledgeable person on all things medical.  On this issue, I claim experience helps.  What I’m about to tell you is not FDA approved nor cure any diseases.  Please consult a real physician for your medical needs.  With that disclaimer said: I think I might have discovered something.  I haven’t blogged in a while but I was so excited to wake up this morning to share this little tidbit of info!!

It’s winter.  The snow brightens the ground with its white beauty.  The air is crisp and well, cold.  It’s about 20 degrees right now and it’s supposed to snow tonight, Friday and Saturday, to my anticipation!!  I love snow!  There is much hoar frost outside wonderfully glistening on everything.  My skin is typical lizard skin this time of year.  I also cut my finger a few years ago and hit a nerve and the spot is still numbingly painful.  Well, the blood doesn’t come to that part of my thumb and the skin has been slowly losing its luster.  And my other fingers have slowly been following suit. Lotion doesn’t cut it. Another odd thing about me is I am very OCD and old “skool” and wash all my dishes by hand.  Oh, yes, I do. (And I have 4 kids so don’t even try to say it’s because I have nothing else to do.)  I only use the dishwasher as a drying rack and it holds a ton more than those counter racks.  Anyway, I digress.  So, last night at 2am (you read that right) while I was finishing the last of my dishes, I had an light bulb go off!!  Breakthrough, maybe!!  I had read around a couple years ago about how sea salt was good for your skin; how people have experienced their best skin during visits to the beach.  Possibly because of the salty sea water.  So, last night, I decided to add salt to my HOT dish water.  I mean, my fingers were bad.  So as I washing dishes, the water felt slimier than usual.  I think water softener is made from a form of salt?  We have hard water but I remember some friends having soft water and I didn’t really like to shower in it because the water felt slimy.  Anyway, my hands are soft and only a slight residue from the dryness remains.  I was impressed- I AM impressed!  I don’t know the science behind it but I will be salting my dish water from now on.  Maybe it reveals the lack of salt within ones body?  I know I don’t sweat enough.  I’m not an easy sweat-er, meaning I don’t sweat easily, besides my pits- TMI!  So, that’s it.  It’s the little things in life, people!


My Hubs, A Man of Many Interests

One of the biggest things that attracted me to my husband was his intellect.  I was intrigued.  I was going through a period of major growing (among many) and learning  in my faith as a Christian.  We had intelligent conversations.  It was very stimulating.  He was a serious sap.  I am always amazed at how much info he swallows in a day.  His ability to consume info from books to articles is amazing.  He keeps up with theology for pastorate, current events and everything else.  He has a passion for sports.  Especially baseball.  The things he is passionate about can be contagious.  I have grown in my interest of reading books partly due to him.  Before him, I don’t think I met anyone who loved books more.  He has an insatiable hunger for knowledge.  Honestly, sometimes that can be annoying.   I only imagine his mind racing a million times faster than mine so sometimes when he’s interrupted in his train of thought, it’s like a crash.  Sometimes not too pretty.

He loves music.  He introduces us to a lot of different artists.   I just don’t keep up with trends anymore.  That may or may not be a good thing.  But he is totally a white boy when it comes to dancing!

He likes to watch and dissect movies and shows and find redemption in the story lines.  Sometimes tries too hard.

He likes to play games.  He has only beat me at chess 2 times of all the timers we’ve played.  I said he lets me win.  He denies it.  His fav board game right now is Wits ‘n Wagers.  I always say it gives him opportunity to gamble without really gambling.  He enjoys video games, too.  We compete in Wii sports’ golf.  He’s pretty sexy when he bowls, in real life, that is.  I very much dislike playing monopoly with him!

His excitement in all the things he loves is contagious because it’s sincere and passionate.  I never was a baseball fan.  I would rather play the sport than watch it on tv.  I was one of those people who thought, ‘how in the world can you just sit and watch such a slow-moving game and actually enjoy it?”  Well, I still don’t jump at baseball but I can appreciate the game much more now because of him.  Because of him, I also enjoy and understand politics a little better but still learning.  I intentionally remain ignorant of some of that stuff to keep sane!

He loves us, his family.  It hasn’t been all peaches and cream.  Actually, many times it’s been a down right battle.  But I know he loves us and that he is continually pursuing a growth, understanding and love for us.  He wants to touch me even when I’m gross.  I can’t say the same!  We aren’t perfect and I’m not always the easiest person to love.  I have high expectations.  We have both grown in God’s grace as He has been faithful to carry us.  We still have a journey ahead.   He’s a man smarter and wiser than his years in many respects.  He has cared for us for the last 11 years and may God be glorified in the years ahead.

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Eat That Burger Right

Braces.  It’s no fun to eat a good burger when you have to cut it up in bite-sized pieces.  It’s one of those foods you MUST grasp with two hands- not fingers, but whole hands- and chomp down with all your molars, juices and toppings squirting out all sides.  A good burger must be honored with said handling.  It’s the kind of eating that will require a shower afterwards.  That’s American, ain’t it?

Giving Birth in NY

It was 2006.  An extremely rainy day in upstate NY.  She was my third child.  Being induced even a week early, she would be my heaviest baby yet.  It was my first experience with an epidural.  Make that two doses.  The first started to wear off, as did the second.  The epidural was an awful experience.  Not what I was hoping or expecting.  Labor was all day.  After pushing for about  2 hours, she would have to be assisted out with tongs.  Sort of like the kind you cook with, except bigger.  Not pleasant.  It took some time for the epidural to wear off, so I was confined to the bed during that time.  Just as well.  I did just give birth.  You won’t find me eager to jump out of bed after such an event.

The nurses told me to buzz the remote for help.  The time came to empty the ol’ bladder.  I needed help off the bed.   The nurse that came to see what help I needed was disappointed to learn that I “just” needed help out of bed to visit the toilet.  I had just given birth to an 8lb. 10 oz. baby.  I’m only 5’2″.  I was a bit sore.

Some nurses are not meant for this field.  I understand there may be occasions when people overreact to injuries.  I’d be the first to say “shake it off” if I were a nurse or doctor and someone came in with a scrape on the knee.  But you must love to serve and help others no matter how trivial you might think their injury is.  In my case, birth is a big deal.  Not like just some splinter removal.  Trying to expel a baby out of a hole the size of your fist is not some little feat.  It is labor!  It involves pain!  And recovery isn’t instant.  You can’t possibly understand until you’ve tried it.

I understand every state has its own laws and they differ, generally.  Well, I wanted to video record the birth but a friend told us that that wasn’t allowed.  I should have checked the law, just to be sure.  I told him to try until someone told him he couldn’t.  Technically, we weren’t told by anyone in the hospital that we couldn’t.  But I told my husband what my friend had told me.  Being the law-abiding citizen that he is, he did not record when I asked him to.  Rats!  Know your laws!

In the same day, when one of the nurses came to check on me, I heard a hard-crying baby.  I said, “that’s not my baby, is it?”  She casually said, “yes.”  I asked how long my baby’s been crying.  She says, “a while.”  What the heck??!  I asked if maybe she was hungry or something.  She responds, “probably.”  So I asked her to bring her to me so I can nurse her.  She says she can’t because it’s protocol to keep the baby under supervision for 4 hours after birth and the babies have to stay in the nursery that whole time.  But, she could feed her a bottle, if I wanted.  What the heck, again??!!  They didn’t tell me that.  They didn’t tell me that when they took her away, I wouldn’t be able to see her for a while.  I thought they were just going to do the usual clean and basic check and bring her back.   So, I couldn’t nurse her, couldn’t see her.  I even wasn’t told I could go see her in there.  I wasn’t given much info at all.  My baby is wailing and nobody bothers to tell me.  That’s awful service.

I was thankful to have one dear lady from our church there as a nurse before she retired.  It’s always nice to have a familiar, friendly face to support and care for you in such a blessed, life-changing moment.  And that’s what it feels like after- a moment.  That moment of pain we call “labor”  cannot/does not compare to the future blessing of ups (and downs) and privilege to care for the little lives we now call sons and daughters.

So, if you find yourself in the honor of serving someone through labor and delivery, remember that this is a big deal, an extraordinary moment is about to occur and you get to be a part of it.   That woman needs your care.  Serve her with kindness.  Be proactive.  Better to be alert and helpful than passive and miss an opportunity.  Especially for new, first time moms.  And the baby.  don’t forget the baby.  And especially you, Christian.  Give God glory.  She may blog about you one day.

My Top 5 Most Annoying Sayings

No offense to any family and friends.  I may have to add to this list later, but for now, here it is in no particular order except for #1:

5.  “What not.”  Bad speech and “fillers” for when you have nothing to say.

4.  “Sick.”   It annoys me when culture misuses a word and then turns it to mean something it’s not meant to mean.  Our society has twisted so many words in the english language, some perverted, and now I have to teach my kids the pun to everything as well.  Well, some puns are funny.

3.  “Epic.”  Certain bandwagons are lame.  To me, this is one of them.  I’ll stick to my old school “awesome”.  (I know the quotation mark is supposed to go on the outside, for you grammar freaks like me, but I’ve decided sometimes I think it looks better and is more appropriate to use it before the punctuation. So, there.  Apply below.)

2.  “My bad.”  What the heck is your “bad”?  Why can’t you just say, “Oops, I’m sorry”?

And, there were many contenders but so far, this has been on my toppest, toppity, top list since I started hearing it in high school….

1.  “Been there, done that.”   AAAHH!  I cringe and curl with irritated jitters when I hear that phrase.  I don’t know why.  It just does gross things to my brain processors.

What you got?

Five Random Myths

  1. Customers are always right.  Riiiight.  I am a consumer and I’ve been on the selling end, too.   This is so false.
  2. There are no stupid questions.  Uh, yes, there are.  I’ve been asked some and have asked some myself.  Like, when you’re obviously reading and someone walks up to you and asks, “what are you doing?”  Oh, I’m just running a marathon.
  3. What goes up, must come down.  I’ve blown bubbles that went up and popped in the air.  Technically, they never came down, right?
  4. Garlic keeps the vampires away.  Idiot, vampires aren’t real.
  5. The grass is always greener on the other side.  Well, sometimes it is!

You got any good ones to share?

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Ask, but Beware: You May Get the Truth

So, if I ask my husband if I look fat, I expect that he should tell me the truth.  And if that truth should be that, yes, I look fat, I cannot and should not punish him for answering the question truthfully by getting mad.  Otherwise, he will learn to be inclined not to be honest with me, and as a Christian, is that seriously what we should be encouraging?  If you don’t really want to know the truth, it’s not right that you ask.  The world tells us that husbands should tell their wives what they want to hear so long as it keeps them happy, thus also people in general.  But should that really be the case?  Being encouraging and kind doesn’t always mean tell people just he good they want to hear even if it should be a stretch of the truth or some round about way of denying the truth.  I’m sure you’ve heard the many punch lines of how a husband acquiesces to his wife’s every whim.  That’s not necessarily love.  We should realize that we may not like the answer we get and that has to be okay.  Being insecure isn’t always about others.  I believe it’s more about our own hearts.  I submit it stems from sin foremost and more about our own self-centeredness.  And being told truth shouldn’t throw us into rage or a hole.  You can either “run from it, or learn from it.”  Okay, so that’s a semi-quote from the movie Lion King in which they were talking about the past.  It’s still applicable.  You can either puff up your pride to preserve yourself image based on misconstrued truth b/c you don’t like it but I don’t consider that a healthy image at all.  Be honest with yourself and allow others to be honest without your worlds colliding.  I dare assume, it will not be the end of your world.  Sticks and stones, sometimes, remember?  But even with that, that’s only in the case of intentional cruelty, not friendly truth, especially when prompted or just in conversation.  So, my point here is this:  if you’re going to ask a question, be open to hearing, learning from what you hear and honest about the answer.  Don’t backlash on the messenger.