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”Just the Way You Are…”

that Bruno Mars song, it’s quite catchy.  it’s a beautiful song, really.  it might make you feel inadequate.  or maybe you feel like the girl being sung about.  i don’t know if he’s actually singing about a real girl or an imaginary dream girl but if we are honest, any living woman with a heartbeat wants that song sung to her with the passion the words should invoke when spoken, especially in song. i’m not talkin’ a pick up line or smooth lip service for selfish gain. i’m talkin’ say it and mean it to the woman you love. every woman wants romance, not just to be treated like a piece of cheap meat.  this song invokes the desires of a woman, the innate need to be loved and cherished by a man.  God created us with a desire for love and to be loved and because of sin, we are always searching, needing…  man who becomes husband is to fulfill such love as Jesus loves the church. those are big shoes to fill.  our needs are so emotionally complex.  but simply put, men who become husbands ought not forget the romance they pursued to get the woman to become their wives. and wives ought not forget the needs they longed to fulfill in the husbands they hoped to gain. both have needs but dare i say that men have the greater responsibility to love his woman in a way that safely encourages her affection for him. keep love pure.  desire your spouse.  more than the physical.  love is a deep ocean of needs. the greatest pursuit of all mankind.  marital love should be held in high esteem and pursued with the passion it requires till death do you part.  so, go ahead and sing this to your wife in all your passion.  good singing or not, i bet you’ll at least get a smile of appreciation, maybe some laughs, if not lucky!  😉 wink, wink.


Love Is A Gift, Not A Right

There’s this song I really like, although it’s got a very humanistic tone to it.  It’s about love, you know, the romantic kind.  One of the lines sticks out the most and it states how everyone has a “God-forsaken right to be loved”.  It just reminded me that love doesn’t come to us as a “right”.  It’s a gift of grace.  When you get to the heart of many of life’s problems, it all come back to the sin of self-centeredness.  We all believe we deserve something, this and that, and love is not an exception.  Sure, we “should” love for God loved us first and showed us how to love.  As a secular society, even non believers sense some level of need to love and be loved in return.  That’s an innate longing that we were created with and for.  Because of sin, that desire is often skewed and tainted.  Only the Holy Spirit can alter that longing and fulfill it with God.  It’s a pursuit we ought to live toward each day and yes, life gets in the way.  All is not lost, we were created with one main purpose but many sub-purposes, if you will.  I’m not saying anything else we do outside of church worship is sin.  God created a world order too and each has their role.  But don’t take for granted the love and opportunities we have to love.  It’s not a “right”, something we’re entitled to.  It’s a gift.  Once we realize that, it’s easier to be thankful for being loved and not bitter when we are not.  This can be addressed in any kind of relationship; marriage, children, extended family, friends, etc.  Remember the greatest love is this, that He gave up His son for us while we yet sinners.  To the glory of His name, forever and ever.

The Love of Love

I had this thought.  Intriguing thought, I think.  It’s quite interesting to me to think about how our heart and mind knows, just knows to decipher the different loves there are; i.e. the love of God, father, mother, spouse, children, best friend, friend, neighbor, stranger…  All these are different loves and our affection is distinguished accordingly.  How special is the love between each relationship; each its own category; each its own identity.

Thinking about the love between family.  Families are (usually) so close that they are comfortable enough (more so) speak their true thoughts and feelings, maybe have an argument or fight over these things, but then always know that you’re still family and that doesn’t change because you disagree or have differences.

The relationship between husband and wife is complex, as most married couples will attest to.  It can be a struggle to love the one you sometimes fight to hate.  It can be a roller coaster or feelings.  But you know that  it’s for better or worse, thick or thin, sick and poor, something you continue to fight for, or hold on to, till death do you part because you made a vow before God (for the Christian at least it should be).

The love a parent has (or should have) for their children is incomparable.  And we don’t love any other children the same way as the ones we’ve birthed.  There’s an inseparable and sometimes incomprehensible love that is born out of the heart for your child.

I often wonder about the relationship between friends, how best friends become best friends and not others.  True best friends are much like family.  Those are rare treasures for sure.  I’ve been fortunate to have had some of these true friendships in my lifetime.

Even for a stranger, we generally care for the good of our ‘neighbor’.  Even though we may not see it as love, God has given us a ‘good will toward men,’ which in kindness, I consider a form of love.

Above all this, God loves Christ as himself, and his children more than we can fathom.  He loves us more than we love our husbands, our children, our family.  God is simple yet complex.  Who can understand the mind of God?  Who can withstand his greatness?  I am in awe.