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”Just the Way You Are…”

that Bruno Mars song, it’s quite catchy.  it’s a beautiful song, really.  it might make you feel inadequate.  or maybe you feel like the girl being sung about.  i don’t know if he’s actually singing about a real girl or an imaginary dream girl but if we are honest, any living woman with a heartbeat wants that song sung to her with the passion the words should invoke when spoken, especially in song. i’m not talkin’ a pick up line or smooth lip service for selfish gain. i’m talkin’ say it and mean it to the woman you love. every woman wants romance, not just to be treated like a piece of cheap meat.  this song invokes the desires of a woman, the innate need to be loved and cherished by a man.  God created us with a desire for love and to be loved and because of sin, we are always searching, needing…  man who becomes husband is to fulfill such love as Jesus loves the church. those are big shoes to fill.  our needs are so emotionally complex.  but simply put, men who become husbands ought not forget the romance they pursued to get the woman to become their wives. and wives ought not forget the needs they longed to fulfill in the husbands they hoped to gain. both have needs but dare i say that men have the greater responsibility to love his woman in a way that safely encourages her affection for him. keep love pure.  desire your spouse.  more than the physical.  love is a deep ocean of needs. the greatest pursuit of all mankind.  marital love should be held in high esteem and pursued with the passion it requires till death do you part.  so, go ahead and sing this to your wife in all your passion.  good singing or not, i bet you’ll at least get a smile of appreciation, maybe some laughs, if not lucky!  😉 wink, wink.


Sex, Romance and the glory of God, C J Mahaney

Men, this is a book I recommend.  The man knows what he’s talking about.  He’s got it down.  What a great and awesome testimony of love for his bride.  Much of what he said is right on.  Lots of good practical advice.  It’s no surprise that his wife feels loved.  It’s always encouraging to hear how a man grows in wisdom.  Mr. Mahaney’s pursuit of his wife is commendable.

For a woman (men too if they admit it), anyone for that matter, part of relations is “feeling” loved, not just the objective of being loved.  It really does take a balance of both.  Like it or not, a woman loves with her emotion (or heart) first.  Her bodily expressions are an extension of that.  A man tends to expresses his loves with his body while his emotional state lags behind.  We all need balance.  Amen?

Sex is a holy act reserved in it’s rightful context.  For the Christian, the marriage bed (where sex is birthed) is to be kept undefiled.  (Oh, I think I blushed a little.)  Read the book.  I don’t need to reiterate what’s been well said already.  Besides that, I’m a little tired right now anyway.

The book is short, an easy read for sure.  I’m a slow consumer of words.  I’m one of those people who can read sentences over and over and not know what I just read.  I can read something and totally have my mind on something else.  I would say that’s talent but I may be redirecting a little here.  Anyway, if I had the uninterrupted time, I think I could have finished it in a day.  Maybe within 5 hours.  For you more concentrated readers, you should be able to finish it in no time.  I read almost half the book in a couple of hours.  That’s saying a lot for me!

Married or single-in-hopes-of-love-one-day, you can learn from this book, and the man.  I hope you learn a lot.  You can prepare yourself.  And that you can bring glory to God in your romantic, sexual marriage!