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The Christian Vote

November 7, 2012 1 comment

I know the controversial nature of making such a statement, but here I stand (well, sit).  How can any true Christian support a vote for a candidate that is pro-abortion?  It truly boggles and grieves my heart.  To say at all it’s okay for a woman to have  the right to choose such a violent act yet these are generally the very same people who are against wars.  Do you not know that abortion is essentially war against the woman, the body and a human life that God has created in His own image?  Are you not playing God when you decide such a matter as ending a human life?  Your conveniences are not so more important that you should spare another’s life.  This issue, however you want to categorize it, enrages me as it is essentially the sacrifice of a life.  Let’s not even bring up the “life of the mother” or “extreme handicaps,” people.  Those are cop-outs at their weakest.  Rape and incest, though it be a terrible crime, does not equate justice in executing a life, either.  That reason, statistically, is so rare.  Sorry, but that’s the hard truth nobody likes to hear.  I’m not trying to be callous or insensitive.  I know the complex emotions are real but they can be overcome.  Death once executed successfully, cannot be undone.   All the “reasons” aka excuses given are justifications of our self-desires.  How do we look the other way when we vote for candidates that are not only permissive of such acts, but in active pursuits of encouraging such a crime?  How do we justify our support of them?  Because they want to spend millions of tax dollars to increase government, supposedly “helping” the poor?  You don’t help the poor by encouraging dependence.  You help them by teaching them.  Yes, times are tough.  But times are always going to be tough for somebody, somewhere.  The world is not perfect and there will always be poverty until Jesus returns.  That’s just hard reality.

I proclaim that the first and foremost important issue for the Christian voter should  be the candidate’s stance on abortion.  The one issue- life, pro-life.  How can any other issue trump the very thing that all others build on- life?!  If there is no life, no ultimate, innate respect and value for life where it all begins- in the womb- there is no basis for valuing the good of the poor, the sick or the needy.  Yes, the church is charged to care for the widows and poor in need, first in their own assembly and then the latter.  And we should.

And how can a person, namely here, the president, who proclaims Christ condone such an act as permissible by law?  Sure, he says he doesn’t “personally” agree but that’s just a cop out.  We have many laws that prohibit harm to others.  The unborn human baby should be the “least of these” that is protected as well.  I submit they are the most vulnerable.  It horrifies me that this tragic practice goes on in our country, in plain view no less, and no shame for some.  It should be a crime punishable by law.  Yes, it is that simple.



Pictures That Leave You Speechless

It was a “big reveal” day for us because it was my first ultrasound since the news of my pregnancy.   We eagerly awaited when we could see if all was well with the baby growing inside me.  I’m approximate at 15 weeks pregnant and I must say I did not see a random glob of tissue or cells that was unrecognizable of a human being.  This ultrasound was taken when I was only 11 weeks and as you can see, there is a fully bodied human baby in my womb with a heart beat, limbs and all.  How anyone, especially a medical professed doctor, will argue that it’s not a living human being worthy of life is beyond utter sorrow.

Women, don’t be deceived, you are killing a live, human baby when you have an abortion.  It’s not the end of the world if you have an unwanted pregnancy.  Get help.  There is help out there.  Seek a “life” pregnancy care center near you.  Or call around doctor offices and ask for referrals.  You are not alone.  You and that baby are precious life, created in the image of a great God.  You are not beyond help.

We are so thankful for this miracle baby.  Sometimes, it still leaves me speechless.  And sometimes, that can be a shocker.

The Silent Human. Unborn Humans in the Womb are still HUMAN!


“A person is still a person, no matter how small.”  -Horton, Horton Hears a Who

My friend recently had a miscarriage.  This is the result.  The image is used with her permission.  Here’s just more proof of life in the womb.  The BABY inside the sack is not just a clump of undeveloped cells or tissue.  If you look straight in the middle of the sac, you can see the figure of a growing human life.  It’s a white figure.  There’s a skull, 2 black dots for the eyes, budding nodes where the arms are forming, and the red midsection where the organs are evidently in process.  Then there’s the tail that would have eventually matured into legs.

How medical professionals can look at such an image and deny the life that exists is a tragic reality.  How sad and ironic is that pregnant animals have more rights and protection than this human “embryo”.  My friend was tested to be about 6-7 weeks pregnant.  Our law allows abortions for any reason.  This should be a heinous crime.  Nay, it’s celebrated as a “right”, a choice.  It’s the depraved world in which we live in folks.

There is a lie that is fatal to humans, the lie that the “thing” inside the woman is not human until the woman deems it worthy of birth and life.  This is pure evil, that anyone would want to keep the truth from people in the name of “woman’s rights”.   Does that sac look like it’s filled with a bunch of circles representing cells or tissue?  Yes, it contains cells.  That “it” is a life form called human.

Life is precious.  Every life is valuable, no matter how small or less capable they are.  I am for life.  Aren’t you thankful your parents chose life?

Below is a video of the sac in which the baby was housed in the womb.  My friend ‘gave birth’ to her baby in her home.  This video is not to provoke so much as it is to inform and remember my friend’s baby that didn’t make it into this life. God has his reasons and we cannot fully comprehend the mind of Him who is infinitely greater.  Life starts in the womb at conception.  That life is precious.  It’s a horrific crime against the most vulnerable of all humans.  It was a terribly sad day indeed for my friend, but may God be glorified on the last day.  His ways are above our ways.  No one can know the mind of God.


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